Acclaimed Movers & Storage leads by example with biodiesel fleet

By Acclaimed Movers and Storage | January 02, 2013

On any given day in Los Angeles, some 10 million people travel around the city, whether to work, or out on errands, or just out to get some fresh air. But with so many people, and a similarly immense number of vehicles, the air is not so fresh anymore. In fact, the city is often enveloped in a “fog” that is actually a heavy coat of smog. The carbon monoxide levels are only made worse by the many trucks, including moving trucks, which pump their diesel exhaust into the air with gusto. Because it’s an intense problem that every Californian has to deal with, it’s extraordinarily rewarding to find local companies that go the extra mile in the effort to protect the environment and reduce emissions. Acclaimed Movers and Storage, Los Angeles’ leading luxury, residential and commercial moving company, is doing just that with the conversion of all of its trucks to an ecofriendly biodiesel fuel.

Acclaimed, which is a comprehensive, full-service moving company, recognized that it was a part of the carbon monoxide problem, not the solution, and decided to make a change. As the company could not impact the number of vehicles on the road, or the expanding number of trucks it was using, it began researching how to leave a smaller carbon footprint with those trucks. Its research led the company to discover that the most efficient way to reduce its carbon footprint was to convert the entire fleet over from regular diesel fuel to biodiesel. It was an arduous, and at times expensive, process, but one that Acclaimed was committed to seeing to the finish. Its growing fleet of trucks now puts less strain on the environment, and the switch began an internal go-green movement for the company. In addition to the biodiesel fuel conversion, Acclaimed has also begun the process of moving to a completely paperless workplace, and has revamped company practices to be more energy efficient. Moreover, it is looking into using 100 percent recycled paper for all contracts, advertisements and business cards.

Acclaimed Movers and Storage is an independent, local business that not only does its part for the environment, but also helps boost the local economy. By hiring experienced, Los Angeles-based movers, and by getting supplies from Los Angeles-based suppliers, Acclaimed is keeping the city working. It is also the go-to commercial moving company for businesses that are looking to make an affordable and efficient transition to a new location. Acclaimed decided to take initiative and make a change for the betterment of the environment, and now it’s leading by example as the rest of the industry moves to follow suit.


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  1. Jason Burroughs



    Please tell us more about this "arduous process of conversion"! While I applaud Acclaim for using something they are calling biodiesel, does that mean they simply started filling up with B5, B20, B100, etc? There is no mention of blend, which in this day is just bad reporting. Please clean up the article to reflect the blend, and describe what they did that was so hard. The use of biodiesel should never be considered a "conversion", which implies replacing parts with new ones, retrofitting, etc. i can see that the author is the customer themselves, but BD Magazine needs to have editorial control and make sure the article does a good job. I look forward to more details.

  2. Pete Probst



    I agree with Jason, the blend needs to be mentioned. I've seen a fleet win an innovation award for using 100% biodiesel in Chicago even in the winter. When pressed about how they achieved this in the cold months, the company stated, "we use B20 100% of the time" which is not the same as 100% biodiesel in my book.

  3. Bill Wieger



    Completely agree with Burroughs and Probst. As I was reading the article, I expected to see some description of the hurdles to achieve use of B100, but no such information. Without it, the article is not much more than a citation that a trucking fleet has incorporated some biodiesel into all fuel used.


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