Obama: 'We won't let you die'

By May 19, 2010
During his Iowa visit on April 27, President Barack Obama heard firsthand of the urgency to reinstate the biodiesel tax credit from Brad Albin, vice president at Renewable Energy Group Inc. and secretary of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. Following Obama's speech and town hall session at Indian Hills Community College, Albin grabbed the president's attention.

During a 90-second exchange, Albin shared the message of the biodiesel industry's state of disruption and uncertainty resulting from the lapse of the federal biodiesel blender tax credit since Jan. 1.

"I shook his hand and told him that we're losing jobs as we stand here, which seemed to get his attention," explained Albin, who had been sitting in the second row. "I told him about plants idling and that more than 90 percent of manufacturing staff at U.S. biodiesel plants have been laid off as a result of the tax credit lapse."

"We're going to die without this tax credit," Albin told the President, who then responded, "We won't let you die I'm on your side, but I've got a Congress to deal with."