A fresh look

A new look for Biodiesel Magazine
By Ron Kotrba | November 10, 2010
Last week, I wrote a very short entry from Atlanta, where I was to moderate a biodiesel panel. I said I'd talk more about that this week, but since I wrote a web news piece on the presentations shortly after the panel concluded (the story is titled, "Biomass conference features biodiesel panel," which you can view in this week's e-newsletter or on our Web site), I would rather like to mention a magazine redesign that we have completed for the December issue onward.

Firstly, we've changed the look of the print journal, for the most part, to freshen up its appearance and keep current.

The front of the book, which for years contained "Industry News" and "BIObytes" sections, has been modified to represent more of a magazine-style feel and look.

For a monthly publication, "news" is hard to do, mainly because by the time the magazine hits readers' desks, what was news when stories were assigned was no longer such when the magazine was delivered. Also, we have our Web site,, which is a more current and relevant venue for breaking hard news stories.

What we have done with the print magazine, however, is to create a front of the book section that offers more perspective on biodiesel trends and news.

The new section, now called FrontEnd, will be composed in a more current and looser magazine-style of writing, much like any other monthly magazine you would pick up today. Times have changed, and we must change with them.