September issue preview

Here's a summary of the feature article lineup in the September issue.
By Ron Kotrba | July 27, 2011

The September issue of Biodiesel Magazine is in full production, scheduled for printing next week. Here’s a preview of the feature article lineup.

Associate Editors Erin Voegele, Bryan Sims and Luke Geiver each wrote feature pieces on biodiesel industry developments in Europe, Latin America and India, respectively.

Europe’s unique set of challenges—including overcapacity, leaked ILUC reports and talk of scandal, and the squeeze from renewable diesel competition, not to mention RED implementation—has set the continent on the path to make up for lost ground in recent years, as Voegele writes.

Sources tell Geiver that while India is rife with biodiesel potential, government corruption and dysfunction are seriously holding it back.

Of course the global hotspot remains Latin America, where projects continue to happen and the opportunities seem limitless—for the time being anyway.

On an entirely different topic, I wrote a feature article on what has been called the first biodiesel school bus in the U.S. heading into retirement, making its final run. The story begins in 1995, well before very many people even knew what it was, and before biodiesel even had an ASTM specification.