April US imports down from March, exports up

EIA data shows U.S. exports of biodiesel outpaced imports in April
By Ron Kotrba | July 03, 2013

Last month, I reported how March U.S. imports of biodiesel were up more than eight-fold over February. A few days ago, the EIA released its April figures, and biodiesel imports for the month were down from more than 17 million gallons in March to 12.77 million gallons in April.

The biggest chunk of April’s imports was from Germany at 5.8 million gallons. Indonesian biodiesel made up the second-largest block of April imports, coming in at nearly 3.5 million gallons. Shipments from Canada were at slightly more than 2.3 million gallons, and South Korea volumes rounded out the figures at nearly 1.18 million gallons.

While imports were down from March to April, U.S. exports more than doubled in the same time frame. U.S. biodiesel exports for March totaled 7.77 million gallons and April exports were nearly 15.6 million gallons. A majority of the exports, 8.1 million gallons, was shipped to Canada. Nearly 3 million gallons went to Australia, with another nearly 3 million gallons shipped to Spain. The U.S. sent 1.34 million gallons to Trinidad and Tobago, while 168,000 gallons went to Taiwan.