Preview: the September/October issue of Biodiesel Magazine

What's in store for the next print edition
By Ron Kotrba | August 21, 2013

The September/October issue of Biodiesel Magazine is nearly complete, and I would like to share some of its contents with you.

The theme is Biodiesel Quality, Testing and Standards, and we’ve got several articles on these important, popular topics.

In “Biodiesel’s Quality Evolution,” I write about the U.S. biodiesel industry’s long struggle with quality, and how the industry is finally restoring its tarnished image after years of dealing with poor survey results and bad press. It’s a historical account that culminates in vastly improved survey results from NREL’s latest quality survey. I speak with the most knowledgeable industry veterans, those closer to this issue than any others—Steve Howell, Scott Fenwick and Teresa Alleman—and ask them what’s behind the industry’s significant improvements in fuel quality. You’re not going to want to miss this featured article.

In “The Quick and the Mobile,” I interview three leading companies—Wilks Enterprise Inc., Koehler Instrument Company Inc. and Bonanza Labs (I solicited more, but some chose not to respond to my requests)—offering portable biodiesel analyzers and discuss the applications for these hand-held devices. While these portable instruments are not able to qualify a fuel to ASTM specs, they have utility as quality control checks inside the plant, and for blend analyzers, quickly determining the biodiesel percentage of incoming fuel in order to boost content to the desired level in order to maximize revenue from tax, RIN and LCFS credits. Check out the article to also learn what new tests these companies are working on for their portable analyzers to enhance functionality.  

BQ-9000-certified producer and laboratory Community Fuels authored a compelling contribution article, titled, “Biodiesel Quality: An Industry Imperative.” The authors discuss Community Fuels’ commitment to quality and important decisions it made that have helped shape its success. “At Community Fuels, we have never regretted the expense, time and effort that we have devoted to our quality program over the years,” write CEO and Co-founder Lisa Mortenson, Director of Operations Christopher Young, and Quality Control/Laboratory Manager Steven Sabillon. “Based on our experience, taking extra measures to ensure fuel quality has unequivocally proven to be a good business decision.”

In this issue’s Talking Point column, Jeff Fetkenhour, owner of Gorge Analytical LLC, gives us a technical piece that discusses the proper application of ASTM D6584 (the method for testing total and free glycerin) to optimize results. Make sure to check out his column, “Measuring Reaction and Separation,” in the upcoming print edition.

In addition, as always, hear the latest from the National Biodiesel Board in its four-page Inside NBB section, including the lead column from Anne Steckel, NBB’s vice president of federal affairs, titled, “RFS at a Crossroads.” Also, learn about what the ASTM Biodiesel Task Force is working on, and much more in this section.

And our FrontEnd news section and Business Briefs will get you up to speed on the latest news and business trends in the always-interesting world of biodiesel.

Finally, I would like to thank this issue’s advertisers for their support:

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