US biodiesel imports surge in June

U.S. imports of biomass-based diesel and "other renewable diesel" surged to new highs in June, according to the latest EIA data
By Ron Kotrba | September 04, 2013

U.S. imports of biomass-based diesel in June hit a high point for the year so far, coming in at 28.6 million gallons, up more than 12 million gallons from May’s figures, according to new data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Exports were also high for the month of June, at 24.6 million gallons.

Here’s a breakdown of where the imports came from, and where the exports went.

A majority of U.S. imports for June originated from Indonesia and Argentina. Indonesia shipped nearly 11 million gallons of biomass-based diesel into U.S. ports in June, while Argentina sent 5.25 million gallons. More than 6.8 million gallons came from Germany, while imports from the Netherlands, South Korea and Canada made up the balance.

The U.S. also imported nearly 22 million gallons of “other renewable diesel” in June, up from only 5.7 million gallons in May. In June, 17.2 million gallons of “other renewable diesel” came from Singapore while 4.7 million gallons originated in Finland—two Neste Oil strongholds.

The EIA defines “biomass-based diesel” as “biodiesel and other renewable diesel fuel or diesel fuel blending components derived from biomass, but excluding renewable diesel fuel coprocessed with petroleum feedstocks.” It defines “other renewable diesel” as “diesel fuel and diesel fuel blending components produced from renewable sources that are coprocessed with petroleum feedstocks and meet requirements of advanced biofuels.” 

Roughly half of the 24.6 million gallons U.S. exports in June went north of the border to Canada (12.8 million gallons), while 6 million gallons was shipped to Spain, and nearly 5.7 million gallons went to Malaysia. Australia received 126,000 gallons of U.S. biomass-based diesel while 42,000 gallons was sent to Taiwan.