Don't be overlooked in the biodiesel industry

Secure your spot in the 2014 Biodiesel Industry Directory, and make your presence known
By Ron Kotrba | October 16, 2013

Have you secured your spot yet in Biodiesel Magazine’s 2014 Biodiesel Industry Directory? This will be the 10th edition of this valued resource published by BBI International. I can say personally, as someone who has been writing about biodiesel for nearly a decade, the directory is indeed a valued resource for me. I use it often to find companies and sources for articles on topics that span the breadth and depth of the biodiesel value chain. I keep a copy readily available at my desk for easy reference.

When you have a presence in this directory, biodiesel industry stakeholders, including plant owners and project developers who are seeking equipment, services and products, know where to find you—and they will. And just like the phone book or any other directory, there is a range of options for your placement in the 2014 Biodiesel Industry Directory. They start from free listings to low-cost listings with a logo, box ads to fractional page ads, and full-page ads to full page ads with premium placement, such as the back or inside cover. And like the phone book, the larger the presence in the directory, the more you’re company will be noticed.

Don’t be overlooked. Make your presence in this industry known. Sign up for your placement in the 2014 Biodiesel Industry Directory before time runs out, because after Dec. 2, it will be too late. As a business in the biodiesel sector, you can’t afford to not be in this directory.

If you are still not convinced that placement in the 2014 Biodiesel Industry Directory is a must for your business, here is a top 10 list, conceived by BBI International Business Development Director Howard Brockhouse, to show you exactly why it is imperative that your biodiesel business has a strong presence in this directory.

1. The biodiesel industry is doing very well, with months of record production in 2013. The National Biodiesel Board estimates year-end production will reach 1.7 billion gallons, shattering previous records and surpassing 1 billion gallons of production for three years in a row.

2. 6,000 copies will be circulated to all subscribers of Biodiesel Magazine, all biodiesel production facilities, attendees of the 2014 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in San Diego and other events throughout the year.

3. More than three copies of the directory will be circulated in every biodiesel plant.

4. Only one directory is printed per year, so you essentially receive a 12-month ad campaign in one spot!

5. Advertising is $800 or less for a full-color, third-page ad—this works out to just 14 cents per copy.

6. Free artwork services are included with ad purchase, up to 3 free proofs.

7. Advertising in the 2014 Biodiesel Industry Directory is less expensive than direct mail.

8. Gain more credibility and residual exposure than direct mail or email.

9. Separate yourself from the competition and generate interest and opportunities.

10. Support Biodiesel Magazine, the only trade journal exclusively devoted to biodiesel.

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