AGQM begins new round of additive testing

A new round of no-harm testing for oxidation stabilizers begins at AGQM
By Ron Kotrba | December 12, 2013

AGQM started a new test round of biodiesel oxidation stabilizers. The sophisticated tests aim to eliminate possible detrimental interactions of additives when blended with diesel fuel.

The use of oxidation stabilizers is highly recommended for B7, AGQM states, which is why today in almost all cases producers blend biodiesel with oxidations stabilizers at the plant. AGQM says it’s necessary to make sure that additization continues to guarantee a safe application of the end product.

The no-harm test developed by AGQM in cooperation with the oil industry is intended to safeguard that no impairment of the fuel itself or impermissible interaction with other fuel components need be feared. In addition, tests are carried out concerning the relative efficiency to be able to best adapt the use of additives in the individual case with regard to economic aspects also.

The no-harm list published on AGQM’s homepage lists all 40 oxidation stabilizers successfully tested so far. A report of all current test results (made anonymous) is available from AGQM’s Berlin office.