Free webinar Feb. 6 on US biodiesel outlook

Biodiesel Magazine's Webinar Series presents "Biodiesel 2014: How EPA's RVO, RIN QAP Rulings and Lapse of Federal Tax Credit May Affect RIN Prices, Production," a free webinar Feb. 6 at 2pm Central time
By Ron Kotrba | February 05, 2014

Despite coming off a record year, the future for U.S. biodiesel is anything but certain, thanks to the U.S. EPA’s devastating, unjustified proposal to slash advanced biofuel volumes and freeze biomass-based diesel growth under the renewable fuel standard (RFS). If that weren’t enough, throw in the investment-halting lapse of the $1 per gallon tax credit—the third expiration in five years—plus the EPA’s prolonged development of the final RIN QAP ruling, not to mention the foreign bonding issue, and what we’ve got is extreme uncertainty in the market.

Whether you are a producer, obligated party or financial advisor in the renewable energy space, if you want some clarity to these important, complicated issues, make sure to join us Feb. 6 at 2pm Central time for a free webinar, Biodiesel 2014: How EPA’s RVO, RIN QAP Rulings and Lapse of Federal Tax Credit May Affect RIN Prices, Production. Click the link to register for free.

Speakers include Ramon Benavides, former NBB board member, shareholder in Washington-based Gen-X Energy Group and founder of Global Renewable Strategies and Consulting; Shashi Menon, managing partner of EcoEngineers; Kristof Reiter, founder of consulting firm Reiter Scientific; and Susan Olson, vice president of products for agriculture and biofuels at Genscape.

I look forward to you joining us.