Expert panelists to focus on biodiesel distribution Sept. 1

Register today for a free Biodiesel Magazine webinar, titled, Biodiesel Distribution: Progress, Obstacles and Opportunities, sponsored by Avalara Inc. and Amerigreen Energy Inc.
By Ron Kotrba | August 26, 2015

Biodiesel Magazine is organizing a free webinar Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 2 p.m. Central time, titled “Biodiesel Distribution: Progress, Obstacles and Opportunities.” 

The event is sponsored by Avalara Inc. and Amerigreen Energy.

Panelists include a diverse mix of representatives involved in the biodiesel supply chain and plan to inform attendees of the state of North American biodiesel distribution, from wholesaling challenges related to the delayed RFS rules and low diesel prices, to taxation, the complexities of multistate transactions, and cloud-based, automated POS systems for small biodiesel distributors and retailers.

I will be moderating the event and panelists include Bubba Lange, the senior vice president of solutions engineering for Avalara Inc.; Mike Devine, New England sales and marketing consultant for Amerigreen Energy Inc.; and Brian Roberts, president of Cowichan Biodiesel Cooperative.

Below is some additional information about the companies featured on the webinar.  


Avalra has been providing transactional tax services since 2004. The company recently published a white paper called “The Rise of Biodiesel: New Alternative Fuel, New Taxation Challenges.” I urge you to download the paper, which illuminates the complexities of the biodiesel distribution chain and shows how vastly different state requirements are for biodiesel taxation and where in this complex supply chain taxes are paid depending upon individual state laws.

Amerigreen Energy

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Amerigreen Energy has been wholesaling biodiesel for 10-plus years now, and as the industry and markets have changed, so too has the company. Amerigreen has 25 employees serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions with eight products and services. In addition to biodiesel, the company now wholesales refined fuels, propane, natural gas, electricity and lubricant products, in addition to providing brand marketing and hedging services to a growing network of distributors and customers.

Cowichan Biodiesel Co-op

Cowichan Biodiesel is a small biodiesel producer and supplier in Duncan, British Columbia, that recently conducted a feasibility study of creating a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system that can be retrofitted onto different types of surplus fuel distribution equipment to provide a solution that works for many biofuel co-ops with limited capital to invest in expensive proprietary petroleum industry equipment. The report lays the groundwork for creating a low-cost automated biofuel pump that can benefit small distributors across North America. With funding from The Co-operators, Cowichan Biodiesel and Vancity, this feasibility study had three goals: to define the ideal biofuel distribution system, to research and compare existing point of sale systems, and to identify gaps between the existing and ideal systems. Sixteen biofuel co-ops responded to a survey, demonstrating both a need and demand for an affordable point of sale system that can be interfaced with an inexpensive pump. The goal is to create cloud-based automated system that allows co-ops to create a national network of renewable fueling stations.

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Registration is open for this free webinar, and we look forward to you joining us Sept. 1 at 2 p.m. Central time to learn the latest developments and progress, as well as opportunities and challenges that exist in today’s North American biodiesel distribution chain.