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March 04, 2015

Renewable Energy Group reports Q4, full year 2014 financials

BY Renewable Energy Group Inc. The largest U.S. biodiesel producer sold 287 million gallons of biomass-based diesel in 2014, pulling in revenues of $1.27 billion for the year. Its production capacity increased to 332 MMgy in 2014 while expanding its product lines and into Europe. READ MORE

March 04, 2015

Wyo. imposes 24-cent-per-gallon tax on alternative fuels

BY Ron KotrbaWyoming Gov. Matthew H. Mead recently signed a bill (HB0009) into law imposing a fuel tax on previously exempt alternative fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol. The new rate of taxation on alternative fuels beginning July 1 is 24 cents per gallon. READ MORE

March 02, 2015

U. of Saskatchewan receives funding for glycerin purification

BY The University of Saskatchewan With more than $500,000 in government funding, researchers will be able to purchase highly specialized equipment for the development and commercialization of new, more efficient and affordable glycerol purification and conversion technologies. READ MORE

February 27, 2015

New test proposed to determine origin of biodiesel feedstock

BY Ehsan Ali This article proposes the development of a technique to easily determine the source of oil or biodiesel based on carbon isotope ratio in different regions of the world. It would be like a litmus test to check the source of oil for biodiesel. READ MORE

February 24, 2015

Iowa road funding bill passes with reduced tax rate for B11

BY The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association The Iowa Legislature created a 3-cent per gallon differential tax rate for B11 and higher biodiesel blends in the road funding legislation passed Feb. 24. This provision is expected to boost the availability and sales of cleaner-burning biodiesel. READ MORE

February 24, 2015

US DOE awards $10M to develop innovative bioenergy processes

BY U.S. DOE The U.S. Energy Department's Bioenergy Technologies Office announces the selection of seven projects across the country to receive up to $10 million to support innovative technologies and solutions to help advance bioenergy development. READ MORE

February 24, 2015

Plant built by Pacific Biodiesel up for online auction Feb. 24-26

BY Ron KotrbaA 2.5 MMgy multifeedstock biodiesel plant built by Pacific Biodiesel is being sold in an online auction by West Auctions, with bids being accepted 10 a.m. Pacific Time on Feb. 24 through 10 a.m. PT Feb. 26. The courts ordered the plant to be sold. READ MORE

February 23, 2015

Iowa 'gas tax' proposal would spur growth of biodiesel use

BY The Iowa Biodiesel Board The Iowa Biodiesel Board registered Feb. 20 in support of legislation that would raise the state's fuel tax. A provision of the legislation would give a partial exemption to the new tax for diesel blended with at least 11 percent biodiesel (B11). READ MORE

February 20, 2015

NREL 2013 Renewable Energy Data Book includes biofuel statistics

BY Erin Voegele The NREL report states biodiesel was the fastest growing biofuel type in 2013. U.S. production increased by 64 percent, while global production increased 17 percent. U.S. biodiesel production in 2013 was 360 times greater than production in 2001. READ MORE

February 20, 2015

Arizona high school students take part in biodiesel project

BY Arizona Charter Academy Thanks to the hard work and dedication of a high school math and science teacher from Arizona Charter Academy and a group of enthusiastic high school students, a diesel bus will soon driving down the road, powered by biodiesel made by the students. READ MORE

February 18, 2015

Evofuel expands castor activity in Brazil with Insolo

BY Evogene Ltd. Evogene subsidiary Evofuel Ltd. and Insolo Agroindustrial S.A. have signed a collaboration agreement for the selection and optimization of Evofuel's proprietary castor bean varieties in Insolo farms located in Piaui state in northeast Brazil. READ MORE

February 17, 2015

Scholarships bring 30 next-gen scientists to biodiesel show

BY The National Biodiesel Board In January, up-and-coming scientists joined 900 biodiesel supporters at the National Biodiesel Conference in Texas. About 30 student members of the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel traveled to the event, many on scholarships through the NBB. READ MORE

February 13, 2015

Biodiesel's role in meeting AB 32 goals presented at Calif. event

BY The California Biodiesel Alliance The fourth annual California Biodiesel Conference, produced by the California Biodiesel Alliance, was held in Sacramento on Feb. 4 and featured key California regulatory, legislative, and environmental leaders and biodiesel industry professionals. READ MORE

February 11, 2015

CARB issues LCFS pathway for Sustainable Oils' patented camelina

BY Sustainable Oils Inc. Sustainable Oils has been issued a first-of-its-kind feedstock-only pathway by the California Air Resources Board for the production of camelina-based fuels under the low carbon fuel standard (LCFS). Its camelina-based biodiesel has a CI of 19 g/MJ. READ MORE

February 11, 2015

California GHG reporting obligations extend to biodiesel

BY Graham Noyes As a result of California's Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions program (MRR), biofuel producers, position holders and companies that import biodiesel into California are subject to reporting obligations based on specified thresholds. READ MORE

February 11, 2015

USDA holds media call on $280 million REAP funding opportunity

BY Erin Voegele USDA hosted a media call announcing that more than $280 million is being made available to eligible applicants through the Rural Energy for America Program. REAP helps ag producers and rural small businesses reduce energy costs and consumption. READ MORE

February 09, 2015

Bipartisan group of 32 senators calls for strong biodiesel RFS

BY The National Biodiesel Board Highlighting biodiesel's track record as the only EPA-designated advanced biofuel under the renewable fuel standard to reach commercial-scale production nationwide, the senators called on the Obama administration to get the program back on track. READ MORE

February 06, 2015

Indonesia ups biodiesel subsidy from 45 cents per gallon to $1.19

BY Ron KotrbaThe Indonesian House of Representatives has approved an increase in the nation's biodiesel sales subsidy from Rp 1,500 per liter to Rp 4,000 per liter (44.7 cents per gallon to $1.19 per gallon), down 30 cents from the energy ministry's proposal. READ MORE

February 05, 2015

Hundreds of Dubai municipal vehicles to fuel up with biodiesel

BY Ron KotrbaNeutral Fuels LLC and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates have signed an agreement for Neutral Fuels to supply biodiesel for use in hundreds of Dubai's municipal vehicles. The deal may amount to the delivery of up to 2.5 MMgy of biodiesel from UCO. READ MORE

February 04, 2015

SRS Int'l, Biodiesel Experts partner to offer enzymatic process

BY Ron KotrbaThe new partnership combines SRS International's proven biodiesel technology for traditional chemical processes and Biodiesel Experts' enzymatic technical process knowledge, allowing SRS to supply turnkey enzymatic biodiesel production facilities. READ MORE

February 04, 2015

Heridge forms Atlantic Biodiesel to manage former GLB plant

BY Ron KotrbaThe former Great Lakes Biodiesel plant in Welland, Ontario, Canada, has new ownership after GLB lender Heridge S.a.R.L.'s stalking horse bid won the assets from a recent bankruptcy auction. Heridge formed Atlantic Biodiesel to manage operations. READ MORE

February 02, 2015

Revised ASTM standard expands trace FAME limit in jet fuels

BY ASTM A new revision to ASTM D1655, the jet fuel spec, increases the allowance of trace biodiesel from 5 to 50 parts per million. ASTM member David J. Abdallah with Exxon Mobil Research and Engineering says this could be raised to 100 ppm in the future. READ MORE

February 02, 2015

New mandatory reporting requirements impact biofuel companies

BY Richard Weiner and Barbara Muller The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reinstated certain reporting requirements for foreign direct investments in the U.S. that were abolished in 2009. U.S. affiliates of foreign companies must file a form within 45 days after a qualifying investment. READ MORE

January 30, 2015

Greenergy acquires Harvest Biofuels' UK biodiesel plant

BY Ron KotrbaGreenergy announced Jan. 30 that it has acquired Harvest Biofuels' biodiesel manufacturing facility at Seal Sands on Teesside, England. The acquisition will allow Greenergy to help meet its national blending obligations with domestic product. READ MORE

January 30, 2015

BDI to upgrade Scotland-based Argent Energy biodiesel plant

BY Ron KotrbaBDI-BioEnergy International AG signed a $12.4 million contract with Argent Energy (U.K.) Ltd., a 13 MMgy biodiesel plant in Motherwell, Scotland, to construct an esterification plant for conversion of waste fats with high free fatty acid content. READ MORE

January 28, 2015

EPA decision on Argentine biodiesel imports riles US industry

BY The National Biodiesel Board The National Biodiesel Board sharply criticized a decision by the EPA to allow streamlined Argentinian biodiesel imports to the U.S. under the RFS. The decision allows Argentinian biodiesel producers to use a survey plan for certifying feedstock. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

Moving biodiesel in the pipeline: sequencing matters

BY Ron KotrbaAt the National Biodiesel Conference, Rod Woodford of Explorer Pipeline discussed tests his company conducted in a segment of its pipeline. With the right sequencing, Woodford said there's a way to confidently move B5 in the same line as jet fuel. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

EU legislators called on to recognize advantages of biodiesel

BY The European Biodiesel Board On the occasion of a high-level policy conference in Brussels organized by the biodiesel supply chain, prominent researchers have underlined the benefits of biodiesel as well as their reservations regarding the readiness of the ILUC science. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

Lanxess introduces new Baynox stabilizers for biodiesel

BY Ron KotrbaLanxess Corp. announced it has added two new highly concentrated antioxidants to its line of biodiesel stabilizers. The new products, Baynox Ultra and Baynox Cargo, were introduced to the U.S. market at the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo. READ MORE

January 27, 2015

Report highlights China's growth in biodiesel, ethanol production

BY Erin Voegele A report recently filed with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service shows that China's biodiesel production grew last year, reaching nearly 300 million gallons, up 5 percent from 2013. This year, production is expected to exceed 314 million gallons. READ MORE

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