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August 31, 2017

Purdue study shows biodiesel benefits undervalued for years

BY The National Biodiesel Board A new paper published in Biotechnology for Biofuels shows biodiesel's benefits are even better than previous models suggest. Updated modeling from Purdue University suggests the advantage of using biodiesel has been underestimated by 10 percent. READ MORE

August 30, 2017

D3MAX signs contract for design of first commercial plant

BY BBI International Pilot testing of the patented D3MAX corn fiber-to-ethanol process has been successful, allowing D3MAX to move to the next stage of commercial deployment—the design of a full-scale D3MAX plant at Ace Ethanol in Stanley, Wisconsin. READ MORE

August 28, 2017

Aemetis completes enzymatic biodiesel production unit in India

BY Aemetis Inc. The Aemetis subsidiary in India, Universal Biofuels, plans to export its biodiesel to the U.S. to help make up for the shortfall in imports after duties were imposed on Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel by the U.S. Department of Commerce. READ MORE

August 25, 2017

First commercial US biodiesel plant completes major expansion

BY Ron KotrbaAGP recently completed a major expansion project at its Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, biodiesel production facility—the nation's first commercial-scale biodiesel plant, built in 1996. Production capacity in Sergeant Bluff has doubled from 30 to 60 MMgy. READ MORE

August 22, 2017

Largest US biodiesel producer responds to trade ruling

BY Renewable Energy Group Inc. The U.S Department of Commerce announced its preliminary decision Aug. 22 to impose countervailing duties on biodiesel imported into the U.S. from Argentina and Indonesia. REG's CEO said this is a victory for American manufacturing and job creation. READ MORE

August 22, 2017

Commerce dept. rules in favor of US producers in trade dispute

BY The National Biodiesel Board The NBB Fair Trade Coalition won a preliminary countervailing duty determination from the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding subsidized biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia. Importers will be required to pay cash deposits. READ MORE

August 22, 2017

US biodiesel production, imports remain strong amid uncertainty

BY Ron KotrbaWith U.S. EPA's July RIN generation figures now out, production of domestic and imported volumes of biodiesel remain strong despite uncertainty resulting from the new administration, a lapsed biodiesel tax credit, and concerns over RFS's growth. READ MORE

August 21, 2017

Unique biofilm reactor could advance biodiesel from algae

BY Tina Hilding, Voiland College of Engineering Researchers at Washington State University developed a unique biofilm reactor that recycles gases and uses less water and lower light than typical reactors. Because of a removable membrane, it was also easier to harvest than typical systems. READ MORE

August 16, 2017

Targray launches new biodiesel program for fuel retailers

BY Targray Targray has announced the nationwide launch of its turnkey biodiesel solution for the convenience and fuel retailing segment. The announcement comes as increasing freight movement in the U.S. is spurring diesel demand throughout the country. READ MORE

August 15, 2017

First stabilizer passes no-harm test for B20 heating oil

BY Ron KotrbaGermany's AGQM has just released results from its second round of no-harm tests for antioxidants to be used in biodiesel-blended heating oil, and one additive has passed—IONOL BH 1000 from Oxiris Chemicals S.A. It's the first to pass the test. READ MORE

August 15, 2017

National Biodiesel Board welcomes new membership of SCB Brokers

BY The National Biodiesel Board SCB Group is the world's largest biofuel brokerage group of companies and is a market leader in many carbon reduction credit markets such as RINS and LCFS in the U.S. As brokers, SCB connects buyers and sellers across the globe. READ MORE

August 15, 2017

In Depth: Breaking New Ground

BY Ron KotrbaA Georgia-based joint venture is combining enzymatic and resin technologies with advanced distillation to convert brown grease to low-sulfur biodiesel. The plan is to prove out the process and make the technology available to the entire industry. READ MORE

August 14, 2017

Inside NBB: Tax Credit Advocacy Keeps the Pressure on Washington

BY The National Biodiesel Board The American biodiesel industry currently supports 64,000 jobs across the U.S. Changing the structure of the tax credit would open the door for the industry to support an impressive 81,600 U.S. jobs and $14.7 billion in total economic benefit. READ MORE

August 11, 2017

MSU researchers identify new enzyme to boost oil yield in crops

BY Michigan State University In a recent study published in the journal The Plant Cell, researchers at Michigan State University demonstrate that the chloroplast—where plant photosynthesis occurs—also participates in new ways to provide seed oil precursors. READ MORE

August 11, 2017

Opinion: The Noble Fight

BY Ron KotrbaFrom the Summer 2017 print edition of Biodiesel Magazine, editor Ron Kotrba writes in his editor's note that, even though the year started out rougher than many had hoped, there is a very good chance the year will end stronger than it began. READ MORE

August 10, 2017

In Depth: CFIs Help Make Biodiesel Fit for Purpose, Price-competitive

BY Alex Tsay Evonik's Viscoplex CFIs can improve the low-temperature properties of FAMEs by controlling the waxy structures formed at low temperatures. This is made possible by their ability to co-crystallize with the saturated methyl esters in the FAME solution. READ MORE

August 10, 2017

Biox suspends Sombra plant upgrades until shareholder vote

BY Ron KotrbaBiox is postponing completion of upgrades at its Sombra, Ontario, biodiesel facility pending an upcoming shareholder vote Sept. 7. The vote would approve going private and selling all outstanding common shares to FP Resources and CFFI Ventures. READ MORE

August 10, 2017

Researchers use waste tires as new biodiesel catalyst ingredient

BY Ron KotrbaResearchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have demonstrated that carbon from waste tires can be functionalized with sulfonic acid to catalyze esterification of oleic acid or a mixture of fatty acids into biodiesel. READ MORE

August 09, 2017

Opinion: New Findings in Free Glycerin Research Point to Improved Fuel Quality Testing Procedure

BY Richard Heiden Contamination of diesel by heterophases is a not a new concern, but, in the case of free glycerin, this has been ignored. Adjustments to test methods will help restore confidence in test data, which will ultimately lead to more consistent quality. READ MORE

August 09, 2017

German biodiesel sales stagnate despite higher GHG quota

BY UFOP Despite Germany's GHG reduction requirement increase from 3.5 to 4 percent, biodiesel consumption has fallen this year compared to last. This can be explained by biodiesel's improved GHG reduction profile and a well-intended but misaligned policy. READ MORE

August 09, 2017

Opinion: Application of America-first Approach to RVOs Well-intended, But Misses the Mark

BY Donnell Rehagen It will be up to our industry to make our voices heard during the comment period, with the administration, and through every avenue available until the rule is finalized later this year. It is clear that we have our work cut out for us. READ MORE

August 08, 2017

In Depth: Spotlight: Here to Serve the Biodiesel Industry

BY Ron KotrbaBiodiesel Magazine profiles seven companies providing invaluable services, expertise and products that have helped build, grow and sustain the biodiesel manufacturing sector. READ MORE

August 08, 2017

Opinion: 5 Tips to Attract the Right Buyer for Your Biodiesel Plant

BY Todd Taylor What should you do if a potential biodiesel plant buyer comes knocking on your door? Even more importantly, what should you do if you want to be an attractive target for your friendly neighborhood buyer? Here are some tips to help you get ready. READ MORE

August 08, 2017

North Dakota soy processing, biodiesel plant moving forward

BY Ron KotrbaA letter of intent was signed to advance development of North Dakota Soybean Processors' $287 million soybean crush and biodiesel refinery in Spiritwood, North Dakota. The North Dakota Farmers Union also recently invested $500,000 in the project. READ MORE

August 07, 2017

REG's 2017 financials best ever if retro tax credit reinstated

BY Renewable Energy Group Inc. Renewable Energy Group announced its financial results for the second quarter ended June 30. Interim CEO Randy Howard said if the biodiesel tax credit were reinstated retroactively, both Q2 and the first half of 2017 would be the best in REG history. READ MORE

August 01, 2017

State officials say Minnesota ready to move to B20 next year

BY Ron KotrbaMinnesota, the first U.S. state to mandate biodiesel use in 2005, is making history once again as state officials have determined that the increase from 10 to 20 percent biodiesel content in diesel fuel will take effect as planned May 1, 2018. READ MORE

August 01, 2017

Biodiesel advocates provide convincing testimony at RFS hearing

BY The National Biodiesel Board The U.S. EPA held a public hearing on the proposal for the Renewable Fuel Standard Aug. 1. The National Biodiesel Board had several witnesses testify before the EPA staff and advocate for higher volumes of advanced biofuels and biomass-based diesel. READ MORE

July 31, 2017

EBB: There is no reason EU should act now to lower import duties

BY The European Biodiesel Board EU member states are to decide on the European Commission's proposal to radically lower the antidumping duties on Argentinian and Indonesian biodiesel imports. The European biodiesel industry warns of the dramatic impact that this decision may have. READ MORE

July 26, 2017

CARB certifies new ADF-compliant biodiesel additive

BY The National Biodiesel Board The new additive ensures compliance with the Jan. 1, 2018, implementation of CARB's Alternative Diesel Fuel Regulation. A 20 percent blend of biodiesel with VESTA 1000 reduced NOx by 1.9 percent and PM by 18 percent compared to CARB diesel. READ MORE

July 26, 2017

Preliminary agenda announced for Biofuels Financial Conference

BY BBI International Produced by Christianson PLLP and taking place Sept. 27-28 in Minneapolis, the event focuses on the best ways for biofuels producers to become more familiar with the latest financial options in today's ethanol and biodiesel industries. READ MORE

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