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Celebrating a major biodiesel anniversary in Vienna  
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Austria-based BDI-BioEnergy International celebrated its 20-year anniversary in Vienna in mid-September, and Biodiesel Magazine was there  
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Just this past weekend I had the pleasure and honor of being among a select group of people invited to celebrate Austria-based biodiesel technology provider BDI-BioEnergy International’s grand 20-year anniversary event in Vienna. What a fantastic and memorable time it was.

This was an opportunity for me to meet the impressive founders of the company, Wilhelm Hammer and Helmut Gossler, many of the company’s executives and key personnel whom I had not already met in the past at various National Biodiesel Conferences stateside, and biodiesel producers from all over the world brought together by a single commonality: the use of BDI process controls to produce high-quality biodiesel from waste materials. It was clear to me how much BDI’s customers respect the company, its executives and experts.

With all of BDI’s top brass and key personnel, I, along with producers from Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Greece, the U.S., Belarus, the U.K., Hong Kong and elsewhere, took in the vast sights and rich culture Vienna has to offer.

Hammer and Gossler founded the company in 1996, and since then the organization has grown to be a superpower of biodiesel process technology. Listening to the interesting recollections of the company’s origins from Hammer, Gossler and others at BDI was, to the storyteller in me, perhaps one of the most treasured aspects of the trip.  

“I am thankful to our customers, who gave us their trust, and who gave us time to solve problems,” Hammer said during a speech at the sprawling and superbly constructed Vienna art history museum before a gala dinner Saturday night. He said BDI always had the foresight to approach the owners of organizations rather than the technical directors to discuss incorporating BDI’s waste-based biodiesel process technology, because the owners were people of vision who could see the larger picture. “BDI customers are cutting-edge and are always looking ahead,” Wilhelm said. “Successful customers are critical customers.”

In addition to the art museum, we visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Vienna Opera House, the Hapsburg’s Winter Palace, the Prater amusement park, and many more points of interest on Vienna’s magnificent city streets, as well as touring the city from below via the sewer system, from a riverboat on the Danube, and from above at various rooftops.

A special thank you to all the wonderful people at BDI for the invitation, in particular Jeannine Putz and Margarete Gotthard for organizing such a seamless celebration. I was honored to attend, and to learn from a much more special place the origins of your company and the high esteem your customers have for you. I found the Austrian and Viennese people extremely welcoming, warm and genuinely fun to be around. Thank you to everyone, including all the biodiesel producers, who shared their interesting stories and journeys with me. What a celebration. Here’s to 20 more years. 


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2016-09-21 11:25:25  
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