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Technology Tools of the Trade

BY Ron KotrbaBiodiesel Magazine spotlights the upcoming Biodiesel Production Technology Summit, Aug. 24-26 in Omaha, Nebraska, and Imerys’ CynerSorb filterable adsorbent for pretreatment of low-quality feedstock. READ MORE

Proof of Quality

BY Ron KotrbaA new biodiesel fuel quality report by National Renewable Energy Laboratory surveying U.S. and Canadian BQ-9000 producers suggests the North American biodiesel industry has learned the lessons of its past. READ MORE

Pushing Through the Pandemic

BY Ron KotrbaSeveral U.S. biodiesel producers share their experiences during the height of the coronavirus crisis, painting a picture of the industry’s health during these uncertain times. READ MORE

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HBIIP Increases Opportunity for New Market

BY The National Biodiesel Board

Better. Cleaner. Now!

BY The National Biodiesel Board The new campaign—Biodiesel: Better. Cleaner. Now!—is aimed to drive the narrative about the myriad of ways that biodiesel and renewable diesel are a better choice for consumers, policymakers and the environment. READ MORE

(Virtual) Business as Usual

BY The National Biodiesel Board During state stay-at-home orders this spring, the National Biodiesel Board continued business as usual attending more than a dozen virtual conferences, holding numerous online meetings and hosting more than 10 educational webinars. READ MORE

Progress on Federal Policies for Biodiesel

BY The National Biodiesel Board As we await a much-anticipated RFS volume proposal from U.S. EPA for next year (and 2022 for biomass-based diesel), favorable developments in this sector should convince the agency to boost biodiesel and overall advanced biofuel volumes. READ MORE

Biodiesel Leaders Gather for 1st Virtual Membership Meeting

BY The National Biodiesel Board Meeting with elected leaders is one of the key reasons the National Biodiesel Board meets with its membership each year. NBB organized more than 80 virtual teleconference Hill visits in June for members to meet with their representatives in Congress. READ MORE

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Business Briefs

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Industry Rebirth

BY Ron Kotrba

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Biodiesel Magazine