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Biodiesel education, training: The yang to the industry's yin
Posted September 1, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Biodiesel training offered in North Carolina

Fleet managers in the Charlotte, N.C., region had the opportunity to learn about biodiesel at a four-hour workshop hosted by the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition on Aug. 27. A similar event, scheduled for Sept. 17, will offer members of the general public a more broad-based overview of the use and production of biodiesel. According to the CCFC's Assistant Coordinator Emily Parker, approximately 30 people attended the Aug. 27 training session. "A lot of attendees were fleet managers," she said, noting that the workshop was specifically designed for fleet managers and those who work in vehicle maintenance.READ MORE

Students join forces in support of biodiesel

A new crop of leaders is emerging in the biodiesel industry through the newly-launched campaign called the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel. The goal of the program is to create an open forum for college students to collaborate, network and share ideas in support of biodiesel. Led by the National Biodiesel Board with support from the United Soybean Board, the program was formed by 28 founding members representing 22 universities stretching across all academia. The members signed an online declaration of support for biodiesel to get the organization off the ground.READ MORE 2011 Biomass Industry Directory

Direct conversion of wet algae to biodiesel

Researchers at the University of Michigan have published the feasibility of a two-step hydrolysis-solvolysis process to produce biodiesel directly from wet algal biomass, eliminating the need for costly biomass drying, organic solvent extraction and catalysts. The paper on the process was published in the ACS journal Energy & Fuels.READ MORE

Jatropha genome sequenced

SG Biofuels Inc., a bioenergy crop developer, has partnered with Life Technologies Corp., a biotech tool provider, and the two have successfully sequenced the jatropha curcas genome. Using Life Technologies' genome tracker, the Solid 4.0 system, the two were able to sequence the genome and the results will allow SG Biofuels to accelerate the identification of key traits including enhanced fruit yield, pest resistance, soil adaptation, improved flowering capabilities, uniformity, and improved harvesting.READ MORE

AEP requests biodiesel quotes for power plants

American Electric Power Co. Inc. announced Aug. 26 that it is seeking quotes for the supply of biodiesel to one or more of its coal-fired power plants in Ohio. Quotes must be received by AEP no later than 5:00 p.m. on Sept. 23. According to AEP spokeswoman Melissa McHenry, the company is investigating the use of biodiesel-blended fuel oil as a possible compliance strategy to meet Ohio's alternative energy requirements.READ MORE

Excluded producers now eligible for funding

The USDA has issued an amendment for advanced biofuel producer requirements necessary for the Advanced Biofuel Payment Program, now allowing both nonrural and foreign-owned producers to qualify for the program. In March, the USDA issued a notice seeking requests for eligible advanced biofuel producers, but at that time, according to the USDA, "to receive payment, eligible advanced biofuels must have been produced in a biofuel facility located in a rural area and whose owners met U.S. citizenship requirements."READ MORE
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