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July 19, 2017

California legislators extend LCFS, cap-and-trade programs

BY Ron KotrbaWith a bipartisan, two-thirds supermajority vote, California legislators passed AB 398, extending the cap-and-trade and LCFS programs from their initial end date in 2020 through 2030. The extension will help foster greater biodiesel growth. READ MORE

July 19, 2017

Solfuels USA joins the National Biodiesel Board

BY The National Biodiesel Board The NBB welcomes the new membership of SolFuels USA. Through a partnership with Agritrade Resources, Solfuels recently completed the retrofit of an Arkansas biodiesel plant, which will produce 3 million gallons per month at full capacity. READ MORE

July 18, 2017

Bill intro'd to extend, phase out biodiesel blenders tax credit

BY Ron KotrbaUnder the proposed legislation to extend and phase out the biodiesel blenders tax credit, the value for the incentive would be $1 per gallon in 2017-'18, 75 cents in 2019, and 50 cents in 2020-'21. The tax credit would sunset Dec. 31, 2021. READ MORE

July 18, 2017

Europe's largest algae omega-3 plant uses Schott glass tubes

BY Schott North America Inc. After 18 months of testing, microalgae manufacturer ecoduna has selected Schott's glass tubes for a new photobioreactor site in Vienna, Austria, that will be Europe's largest plant dedicated to the harvest of omega-3 fatty acids from microorganisms. READ MORE

July 14, 2017

American Soybean Association CEO nominated as deputy ag secretary

BY Ron KotrbaAmerican Soybean Association CEO Steve Censky has been nominated by U.S. President Trump to serve as Deputy Secretary of Agriculture at USDA. Censky has led the ASA as CEO since 1996. Censky worked at USDA under Reagan and Bush in various roles. READ MORE

July 13, 2017

US EPA schedules hearing on RFS proposal for Aug. 1

BY Erin Voegele The U.S. EPA has announced plans to hold a public hearing Aug. 1 in Washington, D.C., for its recently released proposal to set 2018 renewable volume obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard, along with the 2019 RVO for biomass-based diesel. READ MORE

July 10, 2017

US biodiesel fair trade coalition files new claim in imports case

BY The National Biodiesel Board The critical circumstances provision in antidumping and countervailing duties laws allows for imposition of duties on imports that enter the U.S. prior to preliminary determinations of subsidization and dumping. NBB filed a new claim on this basis. READ MORE

July 07, 2017

EBB: Unfair Polish biodiesel exports must be stopped

BY The European Biodiesel Board Unfair biodiesel exports from Poland have caused damage to the EU internal market. Exploiting a loophole in the Polish biofuels legislation, fuel market players have caused significant financial damage to biodiesel production chains in EU countries. READ MORE

July 07, 2017

REG applauds Illinois lawmakers for extending biodiesel incentive

BY Renewable Energy Group Inc. The Illinois House followed earlier action by the Senate to override Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of a tax package extending the excise tax exemption for B11 and higher biodiesel blends through 2023. The incentive was set to expire at the end of 2018. READ MORE

July 06, 2017

Whole Energy receives grant to research estolides from biodiesel

BY Ron KotrbaWest Coast biodiesel distributor and glycerin refiner Whole Energy Fuels Corp. has been awarded a federal SBIR grant for $100,000 to study whether a lower-cost pathway is possible to manufacture estolides, a type of lubricant, from biodiesel. READ MORE

July 06, 2017

Oh resigns from REG, Howard appointed interim president, CEO

BY Ron KotrbaLongtime leader of Renewable Energy Group Inc., Daniel J. Oh, resigned from his position as president and CEO July 3. Biodiesel Magazine spoke with newly appointed interim president and CEO Randy Howard on Oh's departure and REG's new leadership. READ MORE

July 05, 2017

RFS proposal limits US biodiesel from full potential

BY Ron KotrbaThe 2018 biomass-based diesel RVO was set last year at 2.1 billion gallons, precisely where EPA proposes to keep it for 2019. EPA also proposes to lower the advanced biofuels category from 4.28 billion gallons this year to 4.24 billion in 2018. READ MORE

July 05, 2017

4 biodiesel stabilizers added to AGQM's no-harm list

BY Ron KotrbaGermany's AGQM has added four biodiesel oxidation stabilizers to its no-harm list of additives following completion of its 11th no-harm test round. The four antioxidants added to the list are Xtendra BL100 and BL200, Baynox Ultra, and Pachem-BL. READ MORE

July 03, 2017

Made in the USA biodiesel supports jobs, Fourth of July values

BY The National Biodiesel Board American-made biodiesel is powering fleets across the country and supporting more than 64,000 jobs throughout the supply chain. There are countless real-life examples of biodiesel supporting America's economic independence and jobs on this July 4th. READ MORE

June 29, 2017

North Dakota oil refinery plans to co-process renewable diesel

BY Ron KotrbaA Tesoro oil refinery in Dickinson, North Dakota, has plans to co-process renewable feedstock along with regionally sourced Bakken crude oil to produce a 5 percent renewable diesel blend. Construction is planned for October with start-up in December. READ MORE

June 29, 2017

US biodiesel group seeks more options to curb Argentine imports

BY Ron KotrbaThe NBB can make a request for a finding of critical circumstances. If granted, this would allow the U.S. government to retroactively impose duties on imports up to 90 days prior to the commerce department's preliminary determinations. READ MORE

June 28, 2017

National Biodiesel Board recognizes staff milestones

BY The National Biodiesel Board The National Biodiesel Board has a staff team made up of experts in a wide range of fields with more than 180 years collectively at the organization. Several staffers with more than 10 years of service were recognized at NBB's membership meeting. READ MORE

June 27, 2017

Arkansas-based Solfuels USA begins trial production of biodiesel

BY Ron KotrbaSolfuels USA LLC, a 40 MMgy multifeedstock biodiesel facility in Helena, Arkansas, successfully began trial production June 17, said CEO Henri Bardon. The former Delta American Fuel plant was purchased by a Singapore-based joint venture last year. READ MORE

June 26, 2017

Downstate New York poised to lead way for cleaner home heating

BY The National Biodiesel Board Legislation passed this month in the New York state legislature would expand the state's commitment to renewable energy by requiring heating oil sold in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties to contain at least 5 percent biodiesel by July 2018. READ MORE

June 20, 2017

REG plans for growth after completing Geismar land purchase

BY Renewable Energy Group Inc. Renewable Energy Group completed the $20 million acquisition of approximately 82 acres of land at and in close proximity to its Geismar, Louisiana, biorefinery from Lion Copolymer. Several optimization and expansion projects are now being explored. READ MORE

June 20, 2017

Biodiesel advocates call on Congress to reinstate tax incentive

BY The National Biodiesel Board Nearly 100 biodiesel advocates from across the country visited Capitol Hill June 20 and urged Congress to bring back the biodiesel tax incentive. Participants included biodiesel producers, distributors and feedstock suppliers from all over the U.S. READ MORE

June 20, 2017

Round robin test for pharmaceutical glycerol finds curious result

BY Ron KotrbaTwelve European labs participated in the second round robin test for pharmaceutical glycerol organized by AGQM. The results showed that standard methods from the fuel sector showed better precision than those from the European Pharmacopeia. READ MORE

June 19, 2017

Firm buys WB's patents on integrating biodiesel at ethanol plants

BY Ron KotrbaSedgwick, Kansas-based WB Technologies obtained integration patents for co-locating biodiesel production at ethanol plants. When those patents subsequently went up for sale, Rayeman Elements acquired them and partnered with Saola Energy. READ MORE

June 15, 2017

New B20 Club member, Al Warren Oil Co., committed to biodiesel

BY The Illinois Soybean Association Al Warren Oil Co. was founded in 1948 with one truck, a vision and a commitment to excellence. Today the company uses 100,000 gallons of B20 in 39 fleet vehicles each year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by the same amount as planting 4,130 trees. READ MORE

June 09, 2017

Georgia biodiesel project moves closer to USDA loan guarantee

BY Ron KotrbaSmisson-Mathis Energy, a joint venture between The Smisson Group of Macon and Tactical Fabrication, was selected by USDA to initiate Phase 2 of the Section 9003 program for its $6.75 million enzymatic biodiesel project in Laurens County, Georgia. READ MORE

June 07, 2017

US commerce department extends trade investigation deadline

BY Ron KotrbaIn the ongoing biodiesel trade dispute between the U.S. and Argentina and Indonesia, the U.S. Department of Commerce has extended the deadline for making its preliminary determination on the countervailing duties claim until August. READ MORE

June 06, 2017

Minnesota soybean farmers partner with 'Diesel Brothers' TV stars

BY The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council The DieselSellerz, stars of Discovery's hit show Diesel Brothers, could be adding "bio" to their title after teaming up with Minnesota soybean farmers. That's because the DieselSellerz are partnering with MSR&PC to promote biodiesel. READ MORE

June 05, 2017

US diesel market shows resilience in 2016 as registrations rise

BY The Diesel Technology Forum The number of diesel cars, SUVs, full-size pickup trucks and vans in operation reached 8 million in 2016, an increase of 280,000 over 2015. Data showed diesel passenger vehicles continue to outnumber hybrid vehicles in all but two states and in D.C. READ MORE

June 05, 2017

DOE, USDA make up to $9 million in funding available through BRDI

BY The U.S. DOE USDA and DOE will make up to $9 million available through the interagency Biomass Research and Development Initiative in fiscal year 2017 for feedstock development, biofuels and biobased products development, and biofuels development analysis. READ MORE

June 05, 2017

Sustainable palm oil certification reaches 21 percent penetration

BY Matt Rudolf, SCS Global Services In the past few years, palm oil certification under the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil standard has reached 21 percent penetration of the global market driven by consumer demand, pressure from retail buyers, and governmental actions. READ MORE

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