Africa & The Middle East

July 16, 2014

Petrixo to build biojet fuel refinery in UAE using UOP technology

BY Ron KotrbaThe Honeywell company UOP LLC announced this month that its green fuels process technology has been selected by Dubai-based Petrixo Oil & Gas to produce biojet fuel and renewable diesel at a new refinery to be built in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. READ MORE

May 01, 2014

New TV ad exposes Saudi oil money bankrolling RFS smear campaign

BY Americans United for Change A new Sunday show TV blitz is being launched to help educate the public and decision makers in Washington about who is really behind the anti-RFS campaign and why: foreign oil interests wanting to keep America dependent on their dirty energy product. READ MORE

April 29, 2014

Global diesel engine sales forecast to rise 7.7 percent a year

BY The Freedonia Group Inc. Global diesel engine sales are forecast to rise 7.7 percent per year through 2017 to $248.5 billion, representing a marked acceleration from the 2007-'12 pace, according to "World Diesel Engines," a report published this month by The Freedonia Group. READ MORE

April 16, 2014

Portuguese firm delivers 2.4 MMgy biodiesel plant to Tunisia

BY Ron KotrbaPortugal-based biodiesel technology provider IncBio announced it has completed construction of an 8,000 ton per year (2.4 MMgy) biodiesel plant and has delivered the unit to Biokast Energy S.A., to be installed in Tunis, Tunisia, in North Africa. READ MORE

April 15, 2014

2012 global biodiesel production rises slightly

BY Ron KotrbaWhile overall global biofuel production fell in 2012 for the first time since 2000, biodiesel production rose slightly, according to a recent Worldwatch Institute report. READ MORE

March 31, 2014

Florida Biodiesel delivers biodiesel plant to Ivory Coast, Africa

BY Ron KotrbaFlorida Biodiesel Inc. recently announced it has completed sale of a B-500 biodiesel plant to the Lorymat Corp. in Ivory Coast, Africa. The company has chosen the B-500 biodiesel processor for its primary transesterification facility. READ MORE

March 18, 2014

Cold flow improvers to grow at CAGR of 7.9 percent from 2014-'20

BY Ron KotrbaThe global market for specialty fuel additives is expected to reach $8.5 billion by 2020, according to a new report by Grand View Research. With biodiesel's growth, cold flow improvers are expected to be the fastest growing product segment. READ MORE

March 11, 2014

Boeing, South African Airways explore sustainable biofuel crops

BY Boeing Boeing is launching a pilot program initiative with South African Airways and the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials to expand opportunities for "smallhold" farmers in Southern Africa to grow crops that produce sustainable fuels. READ MORE

March 03, 2014

In Depth: Biodiesel Separation, Washing and Polishing: Upstream and Downstream Considerations

BY Ron KotrbaSeveral methods to cleanse and polish biodiesel are utilized, but the story on how well these work begins upstream. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of biodiesel purification methods should be evaluated based on composition of upstream product. READ MORE