15 hours ago

Scania approves use of renewable diesel in Euro 6 engines

BY Ron KotrbaSweden-based heavy-duty truck and bus manufacturer Scania has approved use of renewable diesel, or hydrotreated vegetable oil, in its Euro 6 range provided it meets technical specification TS15940. Scania is owned by Volkswagen AG. READ MORE

16 hours ago

Portuguese biodiesel firm IncBio completes new HQ renovations

BY Ron KotrbaPortugal-based biodiesel engineering company IncBio has completed renovations on its new headquarters in Maia to accommodate growth. IncBio says it is growing at a rate of more than 300 percent in 2015. The move from Porto began late last year. READ MORE

October 07, 2015

Time to turn up the biodiesel heat—literally

BY Ron KotrbaA comprehensive overview of several heating oil and related biodiesel news items that bode well for oilheat consumers moving into the winter season READ MORE

October 02, 2015

AGQM develops no-harm test for biodiesel heating oil stabilizers

BY Ron KotrbaDue to increasing demand for biodiesel-blended heating oil, the German biodiesel quality management association AGQM is offering for the first time a test to assess oxidation stabilizers for FAME that is intended for blending with heating oil. READ MORE

September 24, 2015

Tests show UPM's renewable diesel significantly reduces emissions

BY UPM Biofuels Finnish wood-based UPM BioVerno diesel has been found to significantly reduce harmful tailpipe emissions, according to a number of engine and vehicle tests that have been carried out recently across a number of key research institutes in Europe. READ MORE

September 22, 2015

EU-based Nidera earns RSB cert for UCO biodiesel

BY Ron KotrbaThe sustainability certification includes Nidera's trading operations and its 30 MMgy biodiesel plant in Spain READ MORE

September 17, 2015

Used cooking oil from KFCs in India to be converted to biodiesel

BY Advait Bio Fuel LLP Yum! Restaurants India Pvt Ltd., which operates KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut in India, has signed an agreement with Advait to collect its used cooking oil from KFC in the Andhra and Telangana regions. The UCO will be converted in India or Europe. READ MORE

September 15, 2015

Researchers in Wales synthesize methanol from crude glycerin

BY Ron KotrbaResearchers from U.K.-based Cardiff Catalysis Institute in Wales developed a way to convert glycerin from the transesterification process into methanol. They reacted glycerin with water, to provide hydrogen, with a magnesium oxide (MgO) catalyst. READ MORE

September 15, 2015

EU extends duties on US biodiesel as US imports surge

BY Ron KotrbaAfter a year-long investigation, the EU has extended duties on U.S. biodiesel, a move that the U.S. biodiesel trade association says is unfair. The decision comes at a time when U.S. biodiesel imports more than doubled from May to June. READ MORE