December 02, 2016

Employee of feedstock company pleads guilty to conspiracy

BY U.S. Department of Justice An employee of a New Jersey feedstock collector and processor, Unity Fuels, pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in a scheme to alter and destroy documents following the company's receipt of a subpoena issued by a federal grand jury. READ MORE

December 01, 2016

US biodiesel leaders take message of jobs, energy security to DC

BY The National Biodiesel Board Three dozen biodiesel leaders from Kansas to Rhode Island took to the halls of Congress to champion America's advanced biofuel. Biodiesel is a true American success story. The U.S. market has grown by nearly 2 billion gallons in the past 10 years. READ MORE

November 30, 2016

Post-2020 EU biofuel reduction bad for environment, farmers, jobs

BY Ron KotrbaThe European Commission issued its proposal for the post-2020 RED. The EU plans to reduce first-gen biofuels from 7 to 3.8 percent. Biodiesel interests say this is a victory for fossil fuels at the expense of farmers, jobs and the environment. READ MORE

November 29, 2016

GAO RFS reports paint incomplete picture of advanced biofuels

BY Ron KotrbaThe GAO issued two reports on how the RFS is unlikely to meet its targets for reducing GHG emissions and expanding advanced biofuel production. The biofuel industries can attribute this shortfall back to the federal government in various ways. READ MORE

November 23, 2016

How a 19% higher advanced biofuel RVO is an 83% growth opportunity for biodiesel

BY Ron KotrbaWith the 2017-'18 final RFS RVOs out, undifferentiated advanced biofuels are growing from 353 million biodiesel-equivalent gallons in 2016 to 646 million gallons in 2017, which means an 83 percent growth opportunity for biodiesel in this category READ MORE

November 23, 2016

Final 2017-'18 RFS rule: Advanced biofuel RVO grows at 19 percent

BY Ron KotrbaU.S. EPA released its final RVO rule Nov. 23. Advanced biofuel is up 19 percent from 3.61 billion gallons in 2016 to 4.28 billion gallons in 2017, and up 280 million gallons from its proposal, while biomass-based diesel for 2018 is up 100 million. READ MORE

November 22, 2016

US EPA opens comment period on RFS point of obligation proposal

BY Ron Kotrba and Erin Voegele The U.S. EPA has published a notice in the Federal Register proposing to deny several petitions requesting the agency redefine the point of obligation under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), officially opening a 60-day public comment period. READ MORE

November 22, 2016

Biodiesel's presence in future EU policy revealed in leaked draft

BY Ron KotrbaA leaked draft of annexes from the EC's revised Renewable Energy Directive shows that fuels produced from food or feed crops, such as sustainable biodiesel from rapeseed oil, will continue to serve a role in the post-2020 EU transport fuel sector. READ MORE

November 21, 2016

US EPA opens comment period on proposed REGS rule to modify RFS

BY Erin Voegele On Nov. 16, U.S. EPA's proposed Renewable Enhancement and Growth Support rule was published in the Federal Register, officially opening a 60-day public comment period on the proposal. Comments are due Jan. 17. EPA first released the proposal Oct. 3. READ MORE