1 hour ago

EU legislators called on to recognize advantages of biodiesel

BY The European Biodiesel Board On the occasion of a high-level policy conference in Brussels organized by the biodiesel supply chain, prominent researchers have underlined the benefits of biodiesel as well as their reservations regarding the readiness of the ILUC science. READ MORE

22 hours ago

Biodiesel advocates to fight for renewable fuels policy in DC

BY The National Biodiesel Board At the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, renewable fuels supporters cheered as federal policy experts, including Byron Dorgan, Kenny Hulshof and Matt Blunt, urged advocates to write their own script for success. READ MORE

January 20, 2015

Joe Jobe: 'The truth matters' in getting RFS back on track

BY The National Biodiesel Board Arguing that federal policy makers must see through the false attacks by renewable fuels opponents and provide certainty for their advanced biofuel industry, biodiesel advocates rallied Jan. 20 at the National Biodiesel Conference in Fort Worth. READ MORE

January 15, 2015

2014 US biodiesel numbers down slightly amid policy uncertainty

BY The National Biodiesel Board The U.S. biodiesel market shrunk in 2014 amid policy uncertainty in Washington that destabilized the industry. According to EPA data released Jan. 15, total U.S. biodiesel consumption was down nearly 50 million gallons from the record year in 2013. READ MORE

January 08, 2015

Market challenges, policy to take center stage at biodiesel show

BY The National Biodiesel Board The National Biodiesel Conference, to be held Jan. 19-22 in Ft. Worth, Texas, will highlight current market challenges facing the biodiesel industry, such as low oil prices, along with federal policy issues like EPA's overdue RFS volume requirements. READ MORE

December 31, 2014

Inside NBB: In Face of Uncertainty, Industry Must Fight On

BY Joe JobeDespite huge challenges and misinformation to the contrary, biodiesel has caused the goals of the entire advanced biofuel category in the renewable fuel standard to be met and exceeded every year. Now is no time to stop. We can succeed and we will. READ MORE

December 23, 2014

EPA publishes request for substantiations of confidentiality

BY Erin Voegele The U.S. EPA has published a notice in the Federal Register requesting substantiations of confidentiality claims from businesses that have submitted reports and transactional information on the renewable fuel standard (RFS). READ MORE

December 23, 2014

Q-RINs emerge in the renewable fuels market

BY Genscape Inc. After the U.S. EPA's final Quality Assurance Plan rule established a new, unified QAP program over the summer, Q-RINs have been successfully transferred in the RIN market. For RINs generated after Dec. 31, the A- and B- verification programs end. READ MORE

December 22, 2014

Obama signs tax act reinstating biodiesel credit through 2014

BY Ron KotrbaObama signed the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 into law Dec. 19, which reinstates the $1 per gallon biodiesel tax credits from Jan. 1, 2014, through the end of the year. Producers are thankful but want long-term policy stability. READ MORE