12 hours ago

Minnesota prevails in lawsuit over state biodiesel mandate

BY Ron KotrbaIn a Sept. 29 ruling by the United States District Court, a judgment has been issued in the lawsuit against four Minnesota state officials regarding implementation of the state's biodiesel mandate. The verdict is a victory for biodiesel. READ MORE

September 28, 2016

NYC passes legislation to increase biodiesel in heating oil

BY The National Biodiesel Board The bill, which passed 47-3 on Sept. 28, will increase the amount of biodiesel in New York City's heating oil from 2 to 5 percent by Oct. 1, 2017. The blend level then moves to 10 percent in 2025, 15 percent in 2030, and 20 percent in 2034. READ MORE

September 28, 2016

Will changing the point of obligation improve the RFS?

BY John Campbell Moving the point of obligation would not change RIN supply and demand fundamentals. There may be a better way to improve the ride: EPA should reconsider allowing biofuel producers to separate the RIN from the physical gallon. READ MORE

September 26, 2016

Lame duck Missouri Gov. Nixon pulls a dine-and-dash on biodiesel

BY The Missouri Soybean Association Missouri's biodiesel fund is currently $9.6 million in arrears. The legislature had fully funded repayment during the springtime legislative session, but Gov. Nixon's budget cuts this summer and again in September turned that black ink back to red. READ MORE

September 23, 2016

Biodiesel tax credit positioning intensifies as expiration nears

BY Ron KotrbaWith a contentious election and the end of the legislative year looming, stakeholders are stepping up measures and urging Congress to renew or reform key tax incentives. U.S. biodiesel producers want reform while others support the status quo. READ MORE

September 08, 2016

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs major climate bills into law

BY Ron KotrbaCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown signed two major climate bills into law Sept. 8, SB 32 and AB 197. The new laws require the state to cut emissions at least 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and invest in communities hardest hit by climate change. READ MORE

September 07, 2016

The biofuels event of the fall

BY Ron KotrbaChristianson & Associates' Biofuels Financial Conference Oct. 17-18 in Minneapolis is tailored for both biodiesel and ethanol producers READ MORE

September 06, 2016

Air Force working to 'home-grow' biofuels for DOD, industry

BY Marisa Novobilski, Air Force Research Laboratory The Defense Production Act Title III Program Office, part of the Air Force Research Laboratory, is playing a critical role in commercializing technology to produce environmentally friendly fuel sources, which are paramount to national security. READ MORE

August 26, 2016

No compromise of LCFS in new California climate bills

BY Ron KotrbaThe California State Senate and Assembly passed what are being hailed as a pair of groundbreaking climate bills, SB 32 and AB 197, which Gov. Jerry Brown has agreed to sign. The Low Carbon Fuels Coalition said the bills keep the LCFS intact. READ MORE