5 hours ago

California forecasts robust growth in biodiesel, feedstock demand

BY Graham Noyes ARB's models project California biodiesel demand in 2020 at 265 million gasoline gallons equivalent under three scenarios. In later years, biodiesel demand increases most rapidly under the business-as-usual scenario, reaching 791 million GGE in 2025. READ MORE

May 19, 2017

UFOP: Biodiesel potential to reduce GHGs not being exhausted

BY UFOP Demand for biodiesel is stagnating in Germany compared to 2015, according to UFOP, because the German government's stipulated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions quota is set too low while biodiesel's GHG efficiency continues to increase. READ MORE

May 17, 2017

Trump order prompts biodiesel advocates to submit comments to EPA

BY Ron KotrbaBiodiesel advocacy groups such as the National Biodiesel Board and the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association submitted comments to the U.S. EPA in response to an executive order by President Donald J. Trump aimed at reducing burdensome regulations. READ MORE

May 16, 2017

US EPA sends 2018-'19 RFS proposal to OMB for review

BY Erin Voegele The U.S. EPA delivered its proposed rule for the 2018 Renewable Fuel Standard and 2019 biomass-based diesel volume proposal under RFS to the White House Office of Management and Budget for review. OMB review marks a final step before public release. READ MORE

May 15, 2017

Iowa Gov. Branstad signs bill for biofuels infrastructure funding

BY The Iowa Biodiesel Board Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund bill (HF 643), which provides $3 million to fund the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program. The program is designed to encourage fuel retailers to offer biofuels at the pump. READ MORE

May 12, 2017

New ag secretary Sonny Perdue unveils plan to reorganize USDA

BY Erin Voegele Sonny Perdue released a plan to reorganize the USDA that creates an undersecretary for trade and agricultural affairs and eliminates the undersecretary for rural development. USDA says the changes ensure rural America always has a seat at the table. READ MORE

May 05, 2017

US House bill to reform, renew biodiesel tax credit through 2020

BY The National Biodiesel Board The NBB applauded introduction of a bipartisan biodiesel tax credit bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would convert the blenders credit for biodiesel to a $1-per-gallon production credit for fuels produced in the U.S. for years 2017-'20. READ MORE

May 05, 2017

US moves one step closer to tariffs on biodiesel imports

BY Ron KotrbaThe USITC announced May 5 it has made unanimous affirmative determinations in its preliminary phase antidumping and countervailing duty investigations concerning biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia, meaning the investigation will move forward. READ MORE

May 04, 2017

2 Keystone Biofuels officers indicted on conspiracy charges

BY U.S. Department of Justice Pennsylvania-based Keystone Biofuels and two of its officers, Ben Wootton and Race Miner, have been indicted on conspiracy and false statements charges for participating in a scheme that generated more than $10 million in U.S. EPA RIN credits. READ MORE