Biodiesel Use

February 17, 2017

Handheld sensor unit determines biodiesel content in diesel fuel

BY Salunda Ltd. The handheld DieselProve technology from Salunda Ltd. is designed to provide a fast and simple diagnostic tool to assess the biodiesel content in diesel fuel blends as well as identify impurities, such as vegetable oil, white spirit and water. READ MORE

February 07, 2017

BBI seeks biodiesel abstracts by Feb. 24 for annual event in June

BY Ron KotrbaEvent organizer and Biodiesel Magazine publisher BBI International is now accepting speaker abstracts for the 2017 National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo June 19-21 in Minneapolis. Of particular interest is abstract submissions on biodiesel. READ MORE

February 02, 2017

Report: Global biodiesel market to surpass $41 billion by 2021

BY Ron KotrbaResearch and Markets is offering a new 168-page report, Biodiesel Market - Global Forecast to 2021, in which the analysts find that the global biodiesel market is projected to surpass $41 billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 3.8 percent from 2016-'21. READ MORE

January 25, 2017

Making Trump a biodiesel believer

BY Ron KotrbaPolicy notes and quotes from the 2017 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo, and my own perspective on what could truly make Trump a biodiesel believer READ MORE

January 24, 2017

6th annual Calif. Biodiesel Conference, 'Thrive,' set for March 1

BY The California Biodiesel Alliance The California Biodiesel Alliance presents its sixth annual California Biodiesel Conference, highlighting how businesses can thrive in the state's flourishing but complex biodiesel market, March 1 at the Capitol Ballroom in downtown Sacramento. READ MORE

January 24, 2017

US biodiesel market hits new high, imports pass 1 billion gallons

BY The National Biodiesel Board U.S. consumers saw a record of almost 2.9 billion gallons of biodiesel and renewable diesel in 2016, outpacing the previous record by 38 percent. Domestic production surpassed 1.8 billion gallons while imports surged to more than 1 billion gallons. READ MORE

January 23, 2017

Technical work lays foundation for biodiesel market growth

BY Ron KotrbaAt the 2017 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in San Diego this month, experts presented the latest information and data on efforts to grow biodiesel's presence in the market through further improving its technical standing. READ MORE

January 20, 2017

Biodiesel industry honors year of achievements, industry growth

BY The National Biodiesel Board This year's National Biodiesel Board industry awards highlight champions who've had a major impact on biodiesel use. Clean air champions, policy drivers, fleet vehicle influencers, and lifetime biodiesel advocates were all honored in San Diego. READ MORE

January 19, 2017

Automakers fuel US market with more biodiesel-capable models

BY The National Biodiesel Board Several automakers' new 2017 diesel models were featured at the San Diego Convention Center as part of the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo. The Biodiesel Vehicle Showcase event is presented by NBB and General Motors Fleet. READ MORE