Gain free insight into new biodiesel, ethanol process improvements

Biodiesel Magazine is hosting a free webinar Thursday, Dec. 15, at 2 p.m. CST, on how MSA from BASF, available in two different concentrations, can improve efficiency and performance at biodiesel and ethanol production facilities.
By Ron Kotrba | December 14, 2016

Biodiesel producers are constantly searching for new ways to improve their process. Complacency is not a word used to describe this industry, which is why methanesulfonic acid (MSA) has gained market share in biodiesel production as a replacement for harsher chemicals such as sulfuric acid to esterify free fatty acids, neutralize crude biodiesel and glycerin, and soap splitting to separate fatty acids.

Biodiesel Magazine is hosting a free webinar Thursday, Dec. 15, at 2 p.m. Central Standard Time, on how MSA from BASF, available to the biodiesel industry in two different concentrations—Lutropur MSA (70 percent) and Lutropur MSA-XP (94 percent)—can improve efficiency and performance at your biodiesel production facility.

MSA has helped biodiesel producers achieve improved esterification, and faster and cleaner phase separation with less corrosion and toxicity, and elimination of insolubles, emulsions, discolorations and additional side effects resulting from other types of acids.

The new Lutropur MSA-XP from BASF features even more advantages in biodiesel esterification over Lutropur MSA. 

Lutropur MSA can also improve fuel ethanol production by increasing corn oil extraction, reducing fouling, improving DDGS color and in CIP maintenance systems, all of which help contribute to greater ethanol plant performance and profitability. 

Titled “1 Chemical, 2 Biofuel Industries, Multiple Applications” and sponsored by BASF, experts will present technical information on how Lutropur MSA and Lutropur MSA-XP can increase efficiencies and performance. We will also feature feedback from producers on their experience with MSA vs. sulfuric and other acids.

To register for free, click here. If you cannot attend the live event tomorrow, by registering now you will have access to the recorded event once the OnDemand recording is posted to