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Cleaner, Faster, Stronger

BY Nicholas ZemanNew diesel technologies offer consumers high-performance, excellent fuel economy and the biodiesel industry a chance to sell its fuel into a market sector that has historically been elusive. New production efforts, new models and favorable government programs are setting the stage for an expansion of the diesel presence in the United States. It's mostly European companies, however-and not domestic producers-who are hoping to bring consumers into the diesel fold. READ MORE

Diesel's Pioneering Spirit Survives Despite His Untimely Death

BY Nicholas ZemanSometimes the world is reminded that despite its massive mechanics, its constant change, its tendency to obliterate anything that opposes its will, a single life-or death in this case-can change it all. When Rudolf Diesel disappeared from a ship in the English Channel en route from Antwerp to London to attend the annual meeting of Consolidated Diesel Manufacturers, much more was expected of him. READ MORE

Milestones in Diesel Technology

BY Ron KotrbaThere have been significant advancements in technology since the late 1800s when Rudolf Diesel invented the engine bearing his name. Here is an overview of the diesel engine's evolution. READ MORE

California Carbon Counting

BY Susanne Retka SchillSoy biodiesel's carbon score came in disappointingly low for preliminary scoring done for California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard, but California's new regulation may not all be bad news for the biodiesel industry. READ MORE

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