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Future Destinations

BY By Nicholas ZemanThe U.S. coastal regions and population centers are hot spots for biodiesel project development as more companies look to locate their operations near consumption markets. Armed with their own process technologies, medium-sized production plans and creative models, dozens of new players are populating the Biodiesel Magazine proposed plant landscape. READ MORE

A Need for Discovery

BY By Nicholas ZemanThere have been complaints that the only way to find the rolling spot price for biodiesel is to check with individual distributors, a tedious process at best. Some say those who lack price discovery expertise lack experience, so as the industry growsand more market players look to purchase the fuel, a legitimate discovery mechanism will be needed. READ MORE

The View from Big Oil's Height

BY By Susanne Retka SchillThe time is coming when Big Oil will have to figure out how biodiesel fits into its plans, but at the moment the oil industry is taking a wait-and-see stance. READ MORE

New Systems and Strategies

BY By Susanne Retka SchillBiodiesel Magazine speaks to new producers about their systems and strategies for being successful in the biodiesel industry. READ MORE

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Hydroprocessing goes small scale

BY Susanne Retka Schill

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