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Rocket Science Meets Biodiesel

BY By Susanne Retka SchillIn collaboration with the U.S. Navy and Biodiesel Industries, Aerojet-a company that helped put man on the moon-has turned its sights toward biodiesel. READ MORE

Pacific Rim Panorama

BY By Nicholas ZemanMalaysia and the Philippines are building their exporting power as the market for biodiesel becomes increasingly global. China and Japan are investing heavily in feedstock development for their own biofuels industries. Other regions of Asia are also becoming hot spots, even though some suggest these developments may come at the expense of ancient, ecologically diverse landscapes. READ MORE

Mixed Signals

BY By Nicholas ZemanBiotechnology is starting to have a dramatic impact on global trade scenarios as international testing, container use and tolerance levels are inconsistent. Negotiations are ongoing to prevent intense stress felt by buyers, sellers and risk managers when international trade is disrupted. READ MORE

The Promise and the Reality

BY By Susanne Retka SchillSome entrepreneurs have hyped algae claims, yet business plays a key role in keeping the effort grounded while researchers advance the science. Everyone agrees, however, algae holds great promise. READ MORE

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