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U.K. Accounting for Sustainability

BY Susanne Retka SchillThe United Kingdom's Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation gives a glimpse of the future. READ MORE

The Interconnectedness of Sustainability

BY Susanne Retka SchillSustainability, the new buzz word, is likely to become the litmus test for biofuels. Biodiesel Magazine explores the sustainable dimensions of the American biodiesel industry. READ MORE

South American Expansion

BY Nicholas ZemanArgentina and the EU are set for a trade showdown as the Brazilian demand floodgate bursts open. Plus, the Tupi oil discovery draws attention, biodiesel provides an alternative to narcotics production, and millions of dollars in credit opens for family farmers. READ MORE

The Main Rotation

BY Nicholas ZemanQuality issues during biodiesel production typically revolve around distillation additives, process technologies and ASTM methods at the refinery level. A new emphasis, however, is being focused on the field, where biodiesel feedstocks such as canola are grown and harvested. A Canadian team is examining how to tweak environmental and agronomic conditions for a superior biodiesel feedstock. READ MORE

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Bigger in Texas

BY Jeff Truckess