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Europe's Diesel Portfolio

BY Nicholas ZemanAuto manufacturers in Europe are committed to the diesel platform, touting their environmental programs and having abundant access to biodiesel, but they have been slow to support or incorporate methyl esters as an official part of their business models and carbon reduction schemes. READ MORE

Canadians Backing Biofuels

BY Susanne Retka SchillSolid Canadian support for renewable fuels, along with new mandates and positive results from biofuels development, undergird a positive outlook at the Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit. READ MORE

Year of the SCR System

BY Ron KotrbaThis year marks the onset of widespread commercial application of selective catalytic reduction systems for on-highway diesels, to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions per U.S. EPA regulations. Researchers say there are no short-term negative effects from using biodiesel blends in diesel SCR systems, but long-term performance is much less understood. READ MORE

Plant to Pump Paradigms

BY Nicholas ZemanMany biodiesel producers consider their customer lists proprietary, but whether it's a small plant in Texas that has off-take agreements with retail stations in the immediate vicinity, or a large, corporate-owned facility working for ExxonMobil shipping fuel all over, Biodiesel Magazine traces methyl esters from source to spigot. READ MORE

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