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Homogenous Catalyst and Effects on Multifeedstock Processing

BY Raj Mosali and Sharath Bobbili Sodium or potassium methylate and sulfuric acid serve their purposes well, but going multifeedstock may require deeper considerations READ MORE

Making a Great Fuel Even Better

BY Erin VoegeleHow replacing natural gas with biomass as feedstock for methanol production can improve biodiesel's already good environmental footing READ MORE

Proving Out Supercritical Processing

BY Luke GeiverIt’s a major award-winning process—so where is it? READ MORE


Centrifugal vs. Coalescing Separation Technologies

BY Maria Anez-Lingerfelt A qualitative and quantitative comparison of biodiesel separation equipment READ MORE

Cost of Operations: ULSD vs. B20

BY David M. Nelson, Mark Vonderembse, S. Subba Rao and Stephen Atkinson Toledo's transportation authority and a local university compare costs of using biodiesel and conventional diesel READ MORE

Front End - Biodiesel News & Trends

Getting into the Feedstock Game

BY Luke GeiverCould a move to fleet sustainability mean less available feedstock in South Carolina? READ MORE

A Dog and Pony Show (That Matters)

BY Luke GeiverREG’s Newton facility got a visit from Vilsack and Jackson READ MORE

Measuring Up Price and Demand

BY Erin VoegeleBiodiesel economics are better than ever, which should increase demand READ MORE

Could Glycerin from Biodiesel Enter an $18 Billion Market?

BY Luke GeiverA Canadian company uses a China facility to prove glycerin glycol process READ MORE

Fighting the Mandate Up North

BY Erin VoegeleCanadian Trucking Association opposes Canada’s renewable fuel requirements READ MORE

Red Flagged

BY Ron KotrbaThe agency sends notice to industry on nine legal ways to separate RINs READ MORE

Biodiesel: More Than Meets the Eye

BY Luke GeiverIn Haiti, it’s about soil and for some Chicago students, it’s about recognition READ MORE

Keep it Local

BY Luke GeiverTo convince a planning commission, Tidewater Biodiesel touts regional benefits READ MORE

Defending US Agriculture

BY Erin VoegeleEU, U.S. don’t see eye-to-eye on soybean biodiesel sustainability READ MORE

A Scientific Approach to Sustainability

BY Erin VoegeleKSU study marginalizes algae’s continued viability READ MORE

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