Inside May/June 2013


Utah's Young Biodiesel Phenom

BY Ron Kotrba Introducing Zerina Ocanovic, an amazingly bright student who exemplifies the youthful passion and ingenuity of the biodiesel industry’s future READ MORE

The Algae Farmer

BY Melanie Bernds An interview with Danforth Center algae researcher James Umen READ MORE

The Distillers Corn Oil Craze

BY Ron KotrbaWhat biodiesel producers should know before buying into the hype READ MORE


German Biodiesel Quality: 2012 AGQM Survey

BY Juergen Fischer Germany‘s biodiesel quality measures favorably against DIN EN 14214 and AGQM’s more stringent limitations on total contamination and water READ MORE

The New World of Biodiesel Feedstocks

BY Nate Burk Pricing trends and where additional supply will come from READ MORE

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