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The Myth & Reality of Biodiesel Feedstock Availability

BY Ron KotrbaGreater demand for agricultural commodities from all sectors will expand current—and push development of new—supplies of fats, oils and greases for biodiesel growth READ MORE

Time Has Come Today

BY Ron KotrbaAfter years of talk, co-location of biodiesel production at ethanol plants is finally being realized. READ MORE


The Chemical Kinetics of Glycerolysis

BY Erik Anderson Glycerolysis on high-FFA, low-grade feedstock at varying temperatures will result in the same end product, but higher heat will triple throughput. READ MORE

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Participate in ASTM: You can have a role in biodiesel standards

BY NBB Unlike many other global standards development organizations, ASTM's decentralized committee system, open forum, and administrative framework allow for anyone interested in a particular area to participate. READ MORE

Biodiesel Foundation: Investing in good science helps the industry

BY NBB The National Biodiesel Foundation recently awarded a grant to the National Biodiesel Board to improve the science of greenhouse gas (GHG) modeling. GHG reductions add to the economic and energy security benefits of biodiesel as an alternative fuel. READ MORE

Voluntary BQ-9000 programs pay off for participants, industry

BY NBB When U.S. biodiesel production began to take off in 2005, the industry quickly became familiar with fuel quality issues. The BQ-9000 programs have since been a major contributor to the now-phenomenal fuel quality we expect from commercial suppliers. READ MORE

No. 1 resource: Your trade association on speed dial

BY NBB All businesses have risks involved and the production and transport of biodiesel is no exception. If something happened to your company tomorrow, would you be ready? No matter what the issue is, the National Biodiesel Board has resources to help. READ MORE

NBB again defends RFS in federal court

BY NBB In the latest case, attorneys for the National Biodiesel Board delivered oral arguments on April 7 alongside the U.S. EPA and Department of Justice in support of the 2013 renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumes, particularly for advanced biofuels. READ MORE

Continued RFS advocacy needed as decision nears

BY NBB The NBB has held numerous meetings with EPA and the administration, ensuring they have access to up-to-date biodiesel industry data and research, but there's no firm evidence yet that suggests they intend to increase biodiesel volumes under RFS. READ MORE