Inside February 2006


Everything Under the Sun

BY Ron KotrbaEurope, South America and North America have set the stage for an explosion of biodiesel production in the next few years, but as other regions of the world hop aboard the biodiesel bandwagon, feedstock choices and their availability will become increasingly important. READ MORE

One Step At A Time

BY Kory WallenManitoba has been involved with biofuels since its first ethanol plant was built in 1981. Today, the Canadian province is working to create new strategies to increase the production and use of renewables-and biodiesel is a big part of the plan. READ MORE

Compatible By Design

BY Ron KotrbaAGCO sells more tractors worldwide than any other company on the planet. Now, with its pervasive global reach, and strong commitment to customer support and innovation, it's working on establishing an edge with biodiesel. READ MORE

Tennessee Steps It Up

BY Gary DiGiuseppeTennessee is not known for growing soybeans, but biodiesel advocates are determined to make the renewable fuel work in the Volunteer State. Relying on alternative feedstocks-or shipping soybean oil in-will likely be part of the plan. READ MORE

Up To the Challenge

BY Raymond McAllisterCanada may lag behind the United States and Europe in biodiesel production and use, but well-organized municipal fleet groups-and companies with a stake in production and distribution-in British Columbia are helping to get the nation up to speed quickly. READ MORE

Standard-For Good Reason

BY Susan JacksonSodium methylate is a versatile chemical reagent that's been used for many decades in various industries to produce high-value end products like pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, pigments and crop-protecting agents. It's also the catalyst of choice for most biodiesel producers. READ MORE

A Call To Action

BY Tom BryanIn his new book, Biodiesel America, energy expert and author Josh Tickell shatters the myth that America must remain dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Tickell shows how biodiesel could help invigorate the rural U.S. economy and create a stable domestic fuel source, while leaving our lifestyle and food supply completely untouched. READ MORE

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