Inside December 2004


Blue Means GO

BY Nathan WardBlue Sun Biodiesel is taking biodiesel to the people with its new state-of-the-art blending terminal and network of retail pumps. With production plans in place, this small Colorado company is poised to handle growing consumer demand in the American West. READ MORE

Bringing the Clean Heat

BY Tom BryanIn the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states, where more than 5 billion gallons of heating oil is used each year, thousands are embracing biodiesel blends as a way to be cleaner, more responsible consumers. READ MORE

The Promise of the Castor Bean

BY Elizabeth JohnsonIn Brazil's poorest region, traditional cash crops like soybeans, cotton and coffee cannot withstand the arid climate. But the hardy castor bean, often grown and harvested through subsistence farming, is giving hope to the prospect of large-scale biodiesel production and a better way of life for many. READ MORE

Rudolf's Vision Lives On

BY Louisa AronowA California woman's search for family ties to Rudolf Diesel gives her a deeper understanding of the inventor's original vision and turns her into a true biodiesel believer. READ MORE

Is Biodiesel Right for Arkansas?

BY Gary DiGuseppeDespite the fact that Arkansas grows 4 percent of the nation's soybeans and is home to a major rendering facility, the state is still void of a large-scale biodiesel production plant. Now, government and private industry advocates want to know why. READ MORE

Canadian Plant, Global Plans

BY W.R. StephensArmed with a cost-competitive process and an ambitious business plan, Ontario-based BIOX Corp. is poised to become a key innovator in the North American biodiesel industry. READ MORE

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