Inside August 2006


Patriotic Pursuit

BY Gary DiGiuseppeArkansas' newest biodiesel plant is about one-tenth the size of some of the massive facilities in the Upper Midwest, but that's of no consequence to Tommy Foltz and his investor partners, who are using Patriot BioFuels Inc. as a base from which to launch larger, more expansive operations. READ MORE

Brazil just makes it happen

BY Elizabeth JohnsonWith a plethora of projects in the works, and a nationwide low-blend mandate looming, Brazil-a nation famous for producing low-cost ethanol-is poised to become a world leader in biodiesel production. READ MORE

Pumped on Quality

BY Darren WightFor Peter Cremer North America, the first BQ-9000 accredited biodiesel producer in the world, maintaining premium quality fuel without sacrificing production targets is a must. Relying on vane pump technology throughout the entire facility delivers consistency and performance that helps make those important dual objectives achievable. READ MORE

The 'Peak' Role of Biofuels

BY Tom BryanExperts may not see eye-to-eye on peak oil projections, but most now agree the world's near- and long-term energy needs will be met by an increasingly diverse portfolio of fossil fuels and renewable energy. At the Energy & Environmental Research Center's inaugural biomass conference, it was made clear that biodiesel can play a key role in this mixed-and-matched energy future. READ MORE

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