Inside October 2006


Bound by Determination

BY Ron KotrbaIndustry pioneer Randall von Wedel speaks at length with Biodiesel Magazine about a rather ostensibly unknown fuel quality issue-the potential role of sterols in one of the most common biodiesel problems around. READ MORE

Remember December

BY Nicholas ZemanWith a new test in place and some lessons learned the hard way, the Minnesota biodiesel program is geared for a less "devastating" winter in its sophomore season. As Washington prepares to implement a similar requirement for diesel fuel, will it learn from the North Star State's December debacle? READ MORE

Fitting In with ULSD

BY Holly JessenSince the U.S. EPA began marshaling in ultra-low sulfur diesel, the biodiesel industry has been clinging to the prospect of becoming the diesel industry's near-term lubricity additive of choice. With that expectation fading, however, it now looks like America's new diesel is neither friend nor foe. READ MORE

Sharing Renewable Resources

BY Holly JessenCan the agribusiness industry stretch to accommodate the demands for global food and fuel supplies? It's definitely a hot topic. A recent conference, the Soya Summit 2006: Food and Energy for the 21st Century, brought together leaders from both industries for honest discourse about the opportunities and challenges ahead. READ MORE

Conquering the Cold

BY Lindsey IrwinFor the past two ski seasons, Rymes Propane & Oil has supplied Cranmore Mountain Resort, a popular New Hampshire ski destination, with B20 for its snow-grooming fleet. Despite sometimes grueling winter conditions, the blend performed flawlessly, according to an independent report. READ MORE

National Park Power

BY Ron KotrbaFollowing the lead of Yellowstone National Park, more than 50 national parks, from Kentucky to Alaska, are now using biodiesel blends and B100. It's a story that's been a decade in the making. READ MORE

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