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Enhancing the Burn

BY Ron KotrbaAs emissions regulations tighten for new on-road U.S. diesel vehicles, B100 and biodiesel blends can boost the efficiency of advanced emissions control systems-albeit with a few critical issues to keep in mind. READ MORE

The Matchmaker

BY Holly JessenRecognizing crossover synergies, New York-based GS CleanTech is tapping the U.S. ethanol industry for corn oil that it plans to route into biodiesel production. It has already got a handful of ethanol producers on board and three biodiesel plants in the works. READ MORE

Borderless Biodiesel

BY Lindsey IrwinBiodiesel generally takes a backseat to ethanol in China, but it apparently had show-stealing allure at the 2006 World Biofuels Symposium in Beijing. With a keen eye on the renewable fuel's proliferation in Europe and the United States, the world's fastest-growing economic power wants to go big with biodiesel-if it can overcome some serious feedstock constraints. READ MORE

Reflux and Recovery

BY Nicholas ZemanRecycling excess methanol used in the transesterification reaction is a vital function for almost all biodiesel producers. Increasingly, dated distillation techniques are being replaced by more advanced systems. READ MORE

Food Waste to Fuel Tanks

BY Ron KotrbaNorth American BioFuels sees brown grease through green-tinted glasses. The company recently expanded its biodiesel pilot plant on Long Island. Now, its sights are set on cornering the brown and black grease markets on the populous East Coast. READ MORE

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