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Portland's Progressive Terminal

BY Ron KotrbaBiodiesel Magazine talks with an enterprising Portland, Ore., blender, family-owned McCall Oil and Chemical, about staying ahead of the biodiesel distribution curve in the Pacific Northwest. READ MORE

Additive Adjustment

BY Lindsey IrwinTexas producers face the possibility that biodiesel sales in parts of the state will become illegal. With the second stay of execution on the Texas Low Emission Diesel program set to expire in December, an additive that meets current requirements for 20 percent biodiesel blends and lower got a Texas-sized thumbs up. However, concerns over the extra cost and time it takes to use the additive could be a hindrance. READ MORE

Electricity By the Gallons

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyThe Houston area demands 3,000 more megawatts of electricity per hour than its local power plants can provide, and its nonattainment status won't allow for more plants to be built. Biofuels Power Corporation has a solution to Houston's power shortage, and it smells a lot like biodiesel. READ MORE

Waterless Washing Machine

BY Nicholas ZemanScaled-up standards require even the minutest traces of soap, catalyst and glycerol to be removed from biodiesel. It seems only natural that a partnership between a company that produces chemicals that boost the cleaning power of laundry detergents and a biodiesel producer has resulted in a solution. READ MORE

Groundbreaking with Presidential Proportions

BY Susanne Retka SchillFormer President Jimmy Carter not only wielded a shovel at Alterra Bioenergy's groundbreaking ceremony in Plains, Ga., he was also instrumental in attracting the company to his hometown. Newcomer Alterra Bioenergy has ambitious plans to become a major player in the region's biodiesel market. READ MORE

Two Million-Mile Road Trip

BY Bryan SimsWhen asked if they use biodiesel in their trucks, most fleet managers and over-the-road drivers will say that they want to use the renewable fuel, but they haven't seen enough evidence that proves the fuel is good for their engines. Decker Truck Line Inc. has taken the lead in that department, pioneering the nation's first comprehensive on-road study. READ MORE

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NBB In Sight

BY Joe Jobe, NBB CEOTiming Is Everything READ MORE

Improving biodiesel logistic efficiencies: Pipe dream turns to the pipeline

BY Paul Nazzaro, National Biodiesel Board director of petroleum affairs