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Nano-Style Biodiesel Production

BY Jessica EbertA new company is gearing up to galvanize the biodiesel industry with microscopic catalysts that could lower the cost of biodiesel production by up to 25 cents a gallon. READ MORE

Quasi-Harmony and the EPA Wild Card

BY Ron KotrbaAs the synchronization of biodiesel standards moves forward across the world-most notably between the ASTM D 6751 and EN 14214 protocols-a concerted effort is underway in the United States to improve D 6751 while keeping the U.S. EPA and its slow moving regulatory body at arm's length. READ MORE

Soybeans, Wheat and Corn Compete for Acres

BY Susanne Retka SchillBiofuels, globalization and weather have teamed up to create unusual market conditions for soybeans, corn and wheat. Biodiesel Magazine takes a look at the market and how it's impacting biodiesel producers. READ MORE

Biodiesel by the Book

BY Jerry W. KramBiodiesel is a topic of interest to many people, as evidenced by the number of books and articles that have been written in the past few years. Biodiesel Magazine looks at a handful of materials published recently on the subject. READ MORE

The End of 'Splash and Dash'?

BY Jerry W. KramConcerns have been raised about a questionable loophole that may be allowing U.S. subsidies to be applied to biodiesel exports that were neither produced nor consumed in the United States. Legislation working its way through Congress would eliminate this loophole. READ MORE

Small Scale, Big Impact

BY Bryan SimsNed Nazzaro believes that starting small-scale biodiesel operations is the best way to deal with the volatile soy market. The entrepreneur and cofounder of Big White Tiger built his business around biofuels because of their environmental benefits and positive impact on the country's dependence on foreign oil. READ MORE

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