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The Nature of Standards

BY Jerry W. KramA significant effort has been made by the biodiesel industry to create quality standards and encourage producers to adhere to those standards. But why are standards necessary in the first place? What do they contribute to the industry that makes all the time, effort and negotiations worthwhile? READ MORE

Palm Oil Fights Back

BY Susanne Retka SchillMalaysian oil palm growers try to turn the tide of public criticism with a conference devoted to discussing the tropical oil crop's sustainability and carbon footprint. READ MORE

Micromanaging Fuel Use

BY Ron KotrbaRising fuel prices and the need to conserve resources and protect the environment make excellent motivators for fleet operators to reconsider how they refuel. READ MORE

Do Oil and Biodiesel Mix?

BY Kris BevillNova Biosource Fuels Inc. is headquartered in Houston-the heart of America's oil industry. The biodiesel company has several former oil executives and industry professionals on its payroll who think there's room enough in Texas for both fuels. READ MORE

Rising in the East

BY Khalila SawyerWith a number of new developments in the biofuels sector, eastern Canada is making waves with new funding, projects, opportunities and hope. But, with a lack of provincial government support and biofuel initiatives, the renewable fuels industry in the Maritimes is struggling to catch up to the rest of the country. Nevertheless, eastern Canada continues working to establish its presence in the biofuel industry with a variety of resources and opportunities. READ MORE

Is There Room For Camelina?

BY Khalila SawyerWith a short growing season and low harvesting costs, Camelina sativa could hold a small market in the western Canadian biofuels industry. Despite those advantages, limited research has been done to determine its full agronomic potential. While it's been touted as a potential feedstock for biodiesel, it remains an under-exploited crop, and with an industry entrenched in canola-based biodiesel, is there enough room to consider camelina? READ MORE

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Minnesota passes B20 mandate

BY Susanne Retka Schill

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