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Re-New-able York City

BY Ron KotrbaNew York City, a cultural hub, is on the verge of a citywide bioheat mandate. Biodiesel Magazine talks with those working toward that end. READ MORE

Competition Heats Up

BY Erin VoegeleLast year's high crude oil prices prompted many home heating oil consumers to brace for a dramatic price increase, but in November, prices were actually lower than they were the previous year, which could make biodiesel-blended fuel a less attractive option. On the bright side, low-priced heating oil may prevent customers from switching to natural gas, and Bioheat is easier on the environment than fossil fuels. READ MORE

Aloha Biodiesel

BY Frank ZaworskiHawaiians are on a mission to expand the use of local renewable and alternative energy sources to supply the islands' power needs. The use of locally produced biodiesel is critical to the state's success. READ MORE

Aviation Alternatives

BY Jerry W. KramWhere there is crisis, there is often opportunity. Sky-high fuel costs have helped push many airlines to the brink of financial collapse. Now, however, they're banding together to look for alternative fuels, with an emphasis on algae. This could be the market that drives the commercialization of this long-awaited feedstock. READ MORE

Breathing Room

BY Kris BevillIn what could be considered a gloomy year for biofuels, Congress passed much-needed tax incentive extensions for the biodiesel industry as part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. READ MORE

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Diesel-producing fungus identified

BY Susanne Retka Schill

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