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Biodiesel in the Golden Gate City

BY Erin VoegeleSan Francisco has taken the lead when it comes to creating a communitywide, multifaceted biodiesel initiative. The city serves as an example of what is possible when leaders and community-based grassroots organizations work together to better their community. READ MORE

Entrée into the Majors

BY Ron KotrbaBiodiesel Magazine talks with major U.S. biodiesel marketer Renewable Energy Group and midstream energy giant Kinder Morgan, about the preparedness of the nation's infrastructure to meet the forthcoming U.S. biodiesel mandate. READ MORE

Franklin's Gift

BY Susanne Retka SchillThe Chinese tallow tree may rival algae as a promising new biodiesel feedstock, if yield reports of 1,000 gallons of oil per acre are true. Its invasive tendency, however, has raised red flags. READ MORE

Growing Beyond Oil: The 2008 Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit

BY Khalila Hammond Photos By Brigitte BouvierThis year's fifth annual Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit was packed full of interesting speakers, new ideas and predictions for the biofuels sector. Industry leaders gathered from around the country to discuss policy, marketing and the need to look beyond the traditional notions of our fuel needs in an effort to 'grow beyond oil.' READ MORE

Permitted Ponds-Siting Hurdles for Algae Development

BY Jerry KramAlgae developers are riding a wave of interest due to the single-celled plant's ability to grow rapidly and produce valuable products that can be used to make biodiesel. How industrial algae plants will be configured is yet unknown, but producers will face the same problems as other alternative energy producers-where to put the facility and how to get government permission to build it. READ MORE

Meal: More Than Just Chicken Feed

BY Susanne Retka SchillAs new alternative oilseeds are considered for biodiesel production, a big consideration is whether there will be a viable market for the meal. READ MORE

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EU adopts 10 percent mandate

BY Susanne Retka Schill

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