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Adding perspective to the RFS2 lawsuits
Posted March 31, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Merger creates MAN Diesel & Turbo SE

The merger between German power plant and marine diesel engine maker, MAN Diesel SE, and MAN Turbo AG is now complete. The new enterprise, based in Augsburg, is named MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. From an economic standpoint, the merger is retroactive back to Jan. 1.READ MORE

GM, DOE partner in Indian jatropha project

General Motors Corp. just announced a five-year partnership with the U.S. DOE to help develop the potential of the jatropha plant as a sustainable biofuel energy crop. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that jatropha can produce significant quantities of oil for conversion to biodiesel and to develop new varieties of the plant that have high yields, can withstand frost, and grow in temperate climates such as the U.S.READ MORE Biodiesel Magazine

BP inks offtake deal for UK biodiesel

Four Rivers BioFuels Ltd., a subsidiary of Four Rivers BioEnergy Inc., signed an offtake agreement with BP Oil International Ltd. for the sale of at least 60,000 metric tons (approximately 18 million gallons) per year of on-spec biodiesel. The initial term of the agreement is five years.READ MORE

New diesel NOx control system uses E85

Engineers with Tenneco Automotive have developed a new hydrocarbon lean NOx catalyst (HC-LNC) system for diesel NOx control using E85 as a reductant. E85 is a renewable fuel made of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Unlike urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which employs diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) comprised of ammonia and water, Tenneco's HC-LNC system will use both diesel fuel and E85 dosing in the exhaust stream to help catalyze NOx emissions into tailpipe-out nitrogen and water.READ MORE

German B100 sales nosedive in 2009

German oilseed promotion organization UFOP has analyzed official statistics published by BAFA, the German federal office of economics and export control, on the nation's domestic consumption of biofuels from 2007 through 2009. UFOP's analysis confirms a dramatic decline in German B100 sales. Domestic German consumption of B100 in 2009 was down nearly 78 percent from 2008, dropping from 1.1 million metric tons (approximately 330 million gallons) of B100 in 2008 to 240,600 tons in 2009.READ MORE

Big Oil files lawsuit against EPA on RFS2 rule

The American Petroleum Institute filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia challenging the U.S. EPA's rule on the revised renewable fuel standard (RFS2) that was just recently finalized. The final RFS2 rule combines the 2009 and 2010 biomass-based diesel volumes.READ MORE
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