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Mid-sized Mazda diesel car to hit US market
Posted April 14, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

First ARIES biodiesel system delivered

The first ARIES (Automated Real-time, Remote, Integrated Energy System) biodiesel production system has been delivered to Naval Base Ventura County. ARIES is the result of a collaborative effort by the U.S. Navy, Biodiesel Industries and Aerojet to produce biodiesel using local resources. The new system is a highly automated, transportable biodiesel production unit that can be controlled remotely. These features ensure reliable process control and optimal production yields in a sustainable system that can be readily and widely deployed.READ MORE

East Fork to use corn oil from ethanol mills

Mansfield Oil Co. just announced the addition of East Fork Biodiesel LLC, a 60 MMgy biodiesel refinery in Algona, Iowa, to C&N Companies' existing portfolio of biodiesel marketing partnerships. C&N Companies is Mansfield Oil's ethanol division. East Fork Biodiesel will leverage its location in the ethanol belt across Iowa and the Midwest to provide ethanol producers a reliable, higher-value outlet for their corn oil coproduct.READ MORE IBED 2010


Blackmer launches new energy-smart Web site

Established in 1903 and part of Dover Corp. since 1964, Blackmer knows pumps. In fact, the U.S. Navy, the world's largest consumer of distillate fuels, has been a Blackmer customer for more than 50 years and specifies its pumps on every ship for mission-critical fuel services. With as much as the company knows about pumps, it recently learned that the design features of its NP Series sliding vane pumps can be used in virtually every pump activity in biodiesel plants to improve overall efficiency and performance.READ MORE

LS9 fuel receives EPA registration

LS9 Inc. announced that its trademarked UltraClean Diesel fuel has been officially registered with the U.S. EPA, now making it eligible for commercial sale in the U.S. Wei Huang, vice president of process and engineering for LS9, was at the 2010 National Biodiesel Conference in Grapevine, Texas, earlier this year, where she presented on LS9's technology and fuels.READ MORE
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