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Great Atlantic Garbage Patch
Posted April 21, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada


Wilks' VFA-IR detects FAME down to 500 ppm

Wilks Enterprise Inc. announced that its InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer, which has been marketed as a fast, easy way for nontechnical personnel to validate biodiesel blends, can also detect methyl ester content in fuel down to 0.05 percent, or 500 parts per million (ppm). The company stated that this new application for the InfraSpec VFA-IR is important for nuclear power plants and some pipeline operators to ensure no biodiesel is present in their systems.READ MORE Biodiesel Magazine

Brookhaven to test jatropha oil in boiler

Brookhaven National Laboratory is working with SG Biofuels to evaluate the combustion properties of jatropha oil. The Upton, N.Y.-based lab selected SG Biofuels to supply seeds and oil from its Latin American jatropha plantations. C.R. Krishna, Brookhaven's lead biodiesel researcher, told Biodiesel Magazine how Brookhaven came to choose SG Biofuels as jatropha oil supplier for this new study.READ MORE

Grim tax situation idles another Iowa plant

The prolonged absence of the federal biodiesel tax credit continues to take its toll on the industry as another Iowa plant, this time the 30 MMgy Western Iowa Energy LLC in Wall Lake, slows production to "warm idle" status on April 15-tax day ironically. "Due to the continued lapse of the biodiesel tax credit, Western Iowa Energy continues to suffer from significantly limited sales and reduced sales forecasts," wrote Western Iowa Energy's board president, Bill Horan, in a letter distributed to the plant's employees and industry stakeholders. "Due to these market conditions, we have made the difficult decision to idle our facility (warm idle). Today we are laying off 15 full-time employees. This represents more than 50 percent of our staff."READ MORE

Repackaging a biodiesel waste stream

Small biodiesel producers who cannot afford methanol recovery systems and are unsure of what to do with their methanol-laden wash water may have a new byproduct marketing opportunity to look forward to. Jim Westphal, director at Heartland Biodiesel Supply in Missouri Valley, Iowa, said his company has been helping small producers over the past four years deal with solving the issue of what to do with wash water. "We had to find a way to utilize what we had without methanol recovery," he said. "Many producers just could not afford methanol recovery upon start up."READ MORE
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