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Don't lose hope in extending biodiesel tax credit yet
Posted July 28, 2010



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Diesel industry pioneer passes

Diesel industry pioneer Herb Wittershiem passed away July 25 at the age of 89. An honorary member and first president of the Association of Diesel Specialists, Wittershiem began his career in the diesel industry as a machinist apprentice with Chicago-based Diesel Engineering and Manufacturing (DEMCO) after graduating from high school in 1939.READ MORE

NJ biodiesel plant explosion injures employee

An employee of Innovation Fuels Inc.'s Newark, N.J., biodiesel plant was injured this month from an explosion of toxic chemicals when 100 to 200 gallons of sulfuric acid leaked from a 400-gallon drum inside the plant's containment area. The employee survived with third-degree burns to 18 percent of his body. He was connecting hoses to a tanker truck filled with methanol when the sulfuric acid container behind him leaked and subsequently burst. Local firefighters evacuated a six-block radius upon responding to the incident, which occurred July 15.READ MORE Global Sustainable Bioenergy

Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo: addressing feedstock issues in the Northeast

The Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo, Aug. 4-6 in Boston at the Westin Copley Place, will feature a panel titled, "Working Out the Kinks: Addressing Feedstock Logistics in the Northeast." The panel will feature David Dowler, extension director for the Penn State Cooperative Extension, who will talk about camelina as a new oilseed crop for permanent no-till systems in New England.READ MORE

Navistar exposes troubling data on urea SCR

Navistar International Corp. said from a workshop last week that the U.S. EPA and the California Air Resources Board presented preliminary proposals aimed at the compliance loopholes found in current 2010 liquid-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems for diesel NOx emissions control. "Navistar first identified these loopholes to the agencies and also presented our concerns at [this] workshop," said Jack Allen, president of Navistar's North American truck group. "We will be working with the EPA and CARB to ensure full environmental compliance."READ MORE

EBB publishes annual biodiesel statistics

New statistics published by the European Biodiesel Board on July 22 show that while the growth rate in the European biodiesel market has slowed, the region still reigns as the world's largest biodiesel producer. According to the EBB, 9 million metric tons (2.7 billion gallons) of biodiesel was produced in the EU during 2009. This means nearly two-thirds of the region's 22 million ton (6.6 billion gallon) production capacity sat idle.READ MORE

New Mexico biodiesel mandate up and running

This month, New Mexico joined a handful of states mandating the use of biodiesel. All state agencies, political subdivisions and public schools operating on-road motor vehicles are now required to use at least B5. After July 1, 2012, the B5 mandate will extend to consumers, and unless the state agriculture and energy departments find that the state has an insufficient supply of biodiesel, or the price of biodiesel significantly exceeds the price of diesel fuel for at least two months, the mandates will stay in effect.READ MORE

Training mechanics on biodiesel

In the past year, more than 750 diesel technicians and students have been trained on the benefits and use of biodiesel through an educational program established by the Iowa Biodiesel Board. The program, which is specifically targeted at Iowa's diesel mechanic community and community college instructors, aims to increase professional knowledge on biodiesel and its performance in diesel engines. The program is fully funded by a grant from the Iowa Power Fund.READ MORE

New bills offer hope for biodiesel tax credit

On July 26, the House ways and means committee, the house committee that has solo jurisdiction over matters relating to taxation, released a draft of The Domestic, Manufacturing and Energy Jobs Act of 2010. This package contains an extension of the $1 per gallon biodiesel tax credit for 2011. The summary states, "The proposal would reinstate for 2011 the per gallon tax credits and outlay payments for biodiesel and renewable diesel. The extension of these tax credits and outlay payments for 2010 has previously passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate at different times but has not become law. The extension for 2010 would be incorporated into this legislation if that extension has not been enacted by the time this legislation is considered. This proposal is estimated to cost $1.108 billion over 10 years."READ MORE
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