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German and EU biodiesel situation, prospects
Posted October 13, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Biomass Magazine unveils new name, website

BBI International announced today that it has officially changed the name of Biomass Magazine-the world's leading biomass industry trade publication-to Biomass Power & Thermal, a move that characterizes the magazine's heightened focus on biobased electricity and heat.READ MORE

Brown researchers develop single-vessel catalyst method for WVO conversion

Two chemists from Brown University have found a way to convert both triacylglycerols and free fatty acids found in waste vegetable oils using a single catalyst vessel. While the common method for converting waste vegetable oils requires two separate reactions, the chemists, Aaron Socha and Jason Sello, used Lewis acidic metal catalysts scandium triflate and bismuth triflate in a single reaction to create the methyl esters.READ MORE 2011 Biodiesel Industry Directory

Burke Oil awarded Mass. biodiesel contract

The state of Massachusetts recently renewed its biodiesel contract with Chelsea, Mass.-based fuel distributor Dennis K. Burke Inc. The bid enables all public entities to purchase biodiesel from Dennis K. Burke, including department of public works, state hospitals, correctional facilities and universities. Massachusetts is expected to purchase about 750,000 gallons of blended biodiesel under this contract, reducing its carbon footprint and benefiting the state's residents. Chairman of the Board Ed Burke said the company has been awarded the state contract since 2007, and previously had supplied the state with biodiesel blends under pilot programs.READ MORE

ARS helps canola become first-class crop

Winter canola might soon be the crop of choice for Pacific Northwest farmers, thanks to research by an Agricultural Research Service agronomist and his research partners. The scientists say this multitasking annual plant can be used to control weeds, supplement animal feed, produce biodiesel-and spark a new revenue stream for the Colville Confederated Tribes.READ MORE

Michigan startup offers small-scale processors

Flint, Mich.-based OnSite Energy LLC has launched a unique line of self-contained and on-site processing machines capable of converting virgin and used cooking oils into biodiesel. Operational manager Jeff Woolman said OnSite Energy's biodiesel processors are fully automated and, with a simple push of a button, the units can produce high-quality biodiesel in less than 20 minutes.READ MORE

Biodiesel headed for Kentucky classrooms

Biodiesel will soon be part of the curriculum for some Kentucky schools. After receiving a $10,000 TogetherGreen fellowship from an alliance between Toyota and the Audubon Society, Kenya Stump, the manager of the environmental assistance branch of the Kentucky division of compliance, will form the Kentucky Biofuels for Schools Program. The objectives of the program include encouraging Kentucky high schools to teach a biofuel-based curriculum, enable the production of biodiesel in the schools and make it possible for the participating schools and communities to use biodiesel.READ MORE

UConn work shows benefits of hemp biodiesel

Researchers at the University of Connecticut have found that industrial hemp-based biodiesel has superior cold flow properties. According to UConn Professor Richard Parnas, incorporating hemp biodiesel may make the resulting fuel blend more amenable to cold weather usage.READ MORE

Penn. bill would establish new biodiesel fee

Legislation currently pending in Pennsylvania could negatively impact the state's biodiesel industry. On Oct. 6, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives adopted an amendment, SB 901, which seeks to impose a new fuel tax on businesses that sell biodiesel fuel by amending the state's Biofuel Development and In-State Production Incentive Act of 2008.READ MORE
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