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Posted November 24, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Biodiesel process firm teams up with marketer

Milwaukie, Ore.-based Biomass Renewable Technologies Inc. has signed an agreement with Whole Energy Fuels Corp. out of Bellingham, Wash., to manage the marketing, sales, production and deployment of its proprietary biodiesel production processes and equipment. BRT, a chemical process development company, holds patents for several renewable energy technology processes, including those for biodiesel, gasification and anaerobic digestion. Regarding biodiesel technologies, BRT offers both biodiesel production systems and add-on specialty modules.READ MORE

ILUC carbon values to be reduced under LCFS

On Nov. 18 the California Air Resource Board adopted Resolution 10-49 in regard to the state's Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The resolution calls for the latest research on indirect land use change (ILUC) to be incorporated into the program, which could significantly reduce the carbon intensity values assigned to biofuels.READ MORE 2011 Pacific West Biomass Conference & Trade Show

Desmet Ballestra, Verenium partner

Enzyme company Verenium Corp. has partnered with global oils, fats and biodiesel technology firm Desmet Ballestra to expand the use and geographic reach of its vegetable-oil-specific enzyme, Purifine PLC. Nearly a month after announcing a partnership with Alfa Laval to jointly market the enzyme, Verenium has signed with Desmet Ballestra, to market the Purifine enzymatic degumming process while packaging the enzyme with Desmet Ballestra's processing equipment and engineering services.READ MORE

EPA addresses underground storage tanks

The U.S. EPA has released draft guidance on the storage of ethanol- and biodiesel-blended fuels in underground storage tanks (USTs). While the guidance applies primarily to the owners and operators of USTs, members of the biodiesel industry have the opportunity to provide input to the agency via public comments. These comments are being accepted by the EPA through Dec. 17.READ MORE

Algae biodiesel milestone achieved

In January, the U.S. DOE awarded the National Alliance for Biofuels and Bioproducts (NAABB) $25 million dollars in funding to research and develop a method for converting algae oil into biodiesel. Roughly six months after beginning the work, NAABB has proven that the DOE's funding award was well earned, after announcing a consortium between leading scientists, engineers, universities, private industry and national laboratories has successfully produced ASTM-spec biodiesel from an algae-based feedstock.READ MORE

Report: Europeans strongly support biofuels

The European Commission released the results this month of a biotechnology report that explores public perceptions of biotechnology, including biofuels. Over all, the Eurobarometer survey found that 80 percent of Europeans are either in favor of, or unopposed to, biotechnology.READ MORE
2011 International Biomass Conference & Expo
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