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Biodiesel figures to consider
Posted December 15, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
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Research finds ultrasonics reduce precipitates

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have discovered that treating biodiesel with a high-intensity dose of ultrasonic energy can remove and prevent the formation of precipitates. The project, led by Michael Kass, a researcher in ORNL's Energy and Transportation Science Division, could help overcome one of the primary problems associated with the use of biodiesel in cold climates.READ MORE

Clean-tech co. signs LOI with DC Biofuels

The joint venture between National Clean Fuels Inc., a Houston-based energy and clean technology company developer, and DC Biofuels LLC, an urban-based biodiesel company in the city of Washington, is one step closer to completion. In June, NACF completed a definitive agreement with DC Biofuels to work in conjunction with them to develop a 10 MMgy biodiesel production facility. Now, the two organizations have signed a letter of intent to solidify the partnership.READ MORE International Biorefining Conference & Trade Show

GMO methanogen for glycerin digestion

A researcher at the University of Arkansas has created the first methane-producing microorganism that can metabolize complex carbon structures. The project could lead to the development of a microbial process to recycle waste products, such as glycerin from biodiesel plants, into a renewable form of natural gas.READ MORE

Australian study assesses biodiesel feedstocks

A report recently released by the Australian Government's Rural Industries Research and Development Corp. investigated the potential for using native and naturalized plant species as feedstock for biodiesel production. The study, "Evaluating Biodiesel Potential of Australian Native and Naturalised Plant Species," assessed the feasibility of more than 200 potential feedstocks and determined that 20 locally available species have commercial potential.READ MORE

Toronto biodiesel facility proposed

With support from Invest Toronto, Energy Innovation Corp. has proposed to repurpose an 8,600 square-foot building into a biodiesel production facility with an initial annual output volume of 5 MMly (about 1.3 MMgy). Located in the downtown core in the port lands area, the future facility will be located on a site with existing ship, truck and rail transportation infrastructure that could be leveraged for feedstock sourcing and biodiesel marketing.READ MORE

Biodiesel RIN prices trend higher

Although the U.S. biodiesel industry has struggled since the lapse of the $1 per gallon tax credit, renewable identification number (RIN) prices are currently trading high enough to fill that void. One factor that seems to be contributing to the relatively high price of RINs is the volume requirements mandated by the U.S. EPA under the renewable fuel standard (RFS2).READ MORE

Update: Senate to vote 'yes' on tax bill

Any questions on whether the biodiesel tax credit is in the proposed tax bill to extend Bush-era tax cuts and continue unemployment benefits for another year have already been answered-it is in. Text of the bill has been released for nearly a week, and it includes language that extends the $1 per gallon blenders tax credit for biodiesel through 2011. The credit has also been made retroactive, providing the incentive for all biodiesel blended in 2010.READ MORE
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