SunPower Biodiesel restarts operations, plans expansion

After being idled for a period of time, the facility is once again operating at full capacity, 3 MMgy. According to Blaser, plans are underway to increase the nameplate capacity of the plant to 5 MMgy by the close of 2011, and 15 MMgy in four years.

Supercar gets 100 mpg, hits 200 mph, on biodiesel

After eight years in the making, the Trident Inceni, a British "supercar," will hit the road fueled on biodiesel. The latest version of the supercar will be unveiled at a U.K. event in June, a celebration of power and speed.

Consulting team aims to increase biodiesel producer profits

For Wayne Lee and the rest of the partners who've formed Diesels LLC, a company designed to assist both biodiesel producers and purchasers in buying and selling biodiesel, "the people with the risk should be the people getting the profit."

Ohio algae company secures patent for open pond systems

Independence Bio-Products has been issued a patent for its open pond algae production system. The patent includes methods and systems for growing algae in water and drying with heat sources, and the use of covers as a heat alternative.

Houston algae developer to release electromechanical processor

OpenAlgae, a Houston-based algae developer formed in 2008 with help from the University of Texas, hasn't been "blowing its own horn" for the past few years, according to CEO Hoyt Thomas. That is until now.

Winnipeg to fuel 40 new buses on biodiesel blend

Winnipeg's transit department has ordered 40 new diesel-powered buses. Equipment manager Tony Dreolini says despite some wondering whether the 2 percent federal biodiesel mandate will cause issues, Manitoba has been using biodiesel without issues.

Diamond Green Diesel plant secures financing

Diamond Green Diesel, a joint venture of Darling International and Valero Energy, has secured financing for the construction of its renewable diesel plant in Norco, La. According to information released by Darling, Valero is financing the project.

Latest US biodiesel numbers show sharp rise in production

The Census Bureau released its latest statistics today on total fats and oils consumed in methyl ester refining for April, and the numbers indicate U.S. producers made 60 million gallons of biodiesel in April compared to only 30 million in February.

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