Neste Oil launches joint algae research program

The program with SYKE will focus on testing the lipid production capacity of different types of algal strains and analyzing how the quality and quantity of the lipids could be optimized by adjusting the conditions under which the algae are grown.

Algae.Tec announces new Arrowhead valuation report

According to the report, which was supplied to Biodiesel Magazine by Algae.Tec, Arrowhead said it believes that Algae.Tec has "enormous growth potential with a medium risk profile." A lack of patent protection and additional financing could be risky.

Jatenergy sells jatropha oil to Lufthansa

The jatropha oil, which was sourced from its operation in Central Java, Indonesia, has been refined into biobased jet fuel for Lufthansa by Neste Oil Corp. Jatenergy CEO Phil Hodgson said there is a strong demand from airlines for biobased jet fuel.

UK firm produces high-energy 'Hycadiesel'

The enzyme process cancels out the need for dealing with glycerol waste, use of caustic alkali, methanol distillation recovery and the product wash steps needed with conventional biodiesel processing. The result is high-energy fuel with no waste.

Fiji encourages investment in biofuels

According to information released by the country's Ministry of Information, there are many opportunities for investments in renewable energy within Fiji, especially in the biofuels sector. Fiji produces only about 400,000 gallons of biofuel today.

7 guilty in European biodiesel investment fraud

Seven men are facing jail after being convicted at Ipswich Crown Court for their roles in a boiler-room fraud that pulled in more than $12.65 million. The Spanish-based operation targeted thousands of U.K. investors with high-pressure tactics.

Green River Biodiesel plant to be auctioned in October

The former Green River Biodiesel plant in Moundville, Ala., is scheduled to be auctioned off by Sheldon Good & Co. on Oct. 11. The auction will take place in Birmingham at the Sheraton Hotel Birmingham. The site houses 18 brick and metal buildings.

Obama on jobs: 'We have to out-innovate'

U.S. President Barack Obama delivered a speech to introduce his American Jobs Act before Congress on Thursday night, a piece of legislation that he said will "put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working."

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