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National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Company develops lipid extraction technology

A new lipid extraction technology has been developed by Culturing Solutions Inc., according to company Chief Executive Officer Dean Tsoupeis. The process is called ultrasonic cavitation. The technology is bench-scale but the company plans to develop a pilot-scale version of the ultrasonic cavitation lipid extraction process.READ MORE

Schroeder Biofuels releases filtration solution

Pennsylvania-based Schroeder Biofuels, a company which specializes in filtration and fluid conditioning products, recently announced it has released a new biodiesel purifying solution which is capable of purifying biodiesel generated from any feedstock in a single pass process.READ MORE Methes

EnerSight Fuels, Renew Energy partner

Renew Energy Resources Inc. announced Oct. 29 that its wholly owned subsidiary, Legacy Oil, Florida, has signed a long-term feedstock supply agreement for recycled waste vegetable oil with EnerSight Fuels Inc., an Alabama-based biodiesel producer. The agreement will allow the Renew Energy to start the development process for a 2.5 MMgy biodiesel plant.READ MORE

Rocky Mountain biodiesel plant moves forward

After three years in the waste vegetable oil recycling business, Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises LLC is in the final planning stages to build a 4.5 MMgy biodiesel plant in Morgan County, Colo. In late October, the company received word its application for a $500,000 grant from the USDA Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program was approved.READ MORE

Florida commuter line fills up on biodiesel

South Florida Regional Transportation Authority announced on Oct. 29 it has begun fueling eight of its Tri-Rail train sets with no less than 80 percent biodiesel. South Florida's warm climate makes it possible for the trains to use high blends of biodiesel year-round, said Bonnie Arnold, marketing director for the transport authority.READ MORE

BIO addresses EPA indirect land use proposal

The Biotechnology Industry Organization held a journalists roundtable on Oct. 31 to address questions and concerns regarding the U.S. EPA's implementation of the renewable fuels standard enacted in the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (RFS). Specifically the discussion focused on one particular change � the determination of greenhouse gas (GHG) lifecycle emissions from the production of biofuels, including any indirect land use changes.READ MORE

Germany rules out soy and palm biodiesel

Germany's Environment Ministry ruled in late October that the 2009 biofuel production mandates for the country will be reduced by one percent, down to 5.25 percent overall, and biodiesel derived from soy and palm oils will be eliminated from the list of qualified biofuels. The new regulations will become effective in early 2009, however, they will be retroactive to Sept. 26, 2008.READ MORE

Aquaflow, UOP to convert algae into biofuels

UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, and Aquaflow Bionomic Corp., a New Zealand-based algae biodiesel development company, have signed a memorandum of understanding to convert wild algae into fuel products using UOP's processes and to develop a carbon dioxide sequestration storage model for Aquaflow's algal oil production facilities.READ MORE
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